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From lap dogs to working dogs a heart warming book featuring over 60 adorable Kiwi caninesDogs make our lives richer They keep us company when we need it most reduce stress in an increasingly stressful world take us on adventures and help us with the jobs we couldn't possibly do alone In A Dog's Lif.

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A Dogs Life

E bestselling author and photographer Craig Bullock takes us on a journey from city to country tracking down a diverse selection of dogs that all call New Zealand homeDivided into 10 groups working dogs lap dogs adventure dogs city dogs country dogs expedition dogs culture dogs companion dogs farm.

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Dogs and champion dogs A Dog's Life lets us see dogs going about their daily lives whether it be training for avalanche rescue work riding in vintage cars stealing avocados spotting dolphins retrieving ducks or whitewater rafting These are real life stories of exceptional yet everyday Kiwi canine.