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Ther Earth Had a Dream Tulips from Hamster Dan The House of Coffins Pirlo’s Footprint The Munching Yak The Red Lobster Parade Can you keep a secret Hey I’m a Scarecrow Such a Fussy old Bear Belstarr The Lost Toymaker Iris Investigates Beastly Goings On In Pelican Wharf Enzo Flashfire BMX Superheroes Little Re.

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A HodgePodge of Childrens Stories

D Fern At The Oaklympic Games Mr Sandcastle Where Are You My Dinner Lady Can’t Cook Bedtime Playtime Holidays Christmas Anytime A story for every child for every day of the year A big 'thank you' to all the illustrators involved Sushil Shrestha Stella Perrett Emma Wallis Susan Dingle Amber Turner and Paul Cockl.

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A HodgePodge of Children's Stories Ages 3 13 girls and boys Contents Not So Scary Spider Achoo and the Fireglobe My Bus Driver Is a Polar Bear The Well Groomed Raccoon The Cup Final Mouse Who Did It Cracker the uacker Salma the Great Olivia and the Little Bird When Teddy was in the wash Hi Bear Nation Say Agoo Mo.

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    We love this book but we did write it so 5 stars was easy to give

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