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Use tactical nuclear weapons to eliminate the terror groups Several countries were all hit at the same time China protested loudly but kept out of it It took another 50 years before things finally settled down The new World order had at last brought lasting peace and prosperity to the World The story is s.

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Abora Invasion Earth

Et in 2074 Earth has become a greener safer planet the people are fairly happy and contented When the first spacecraft from Abora lands in Greenwich Park in London it takes everyone by surprise Why had they come to Earth what did they want uestions that would be answered in the most shocking way imaginable.

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Will the visitors from Abora destroy us all Or will they make Earth a better place After the Great War in 2024 exploration of space had been abandoned America and Russia had become allies to defeat the threat from the Middle East and Asia The two new leaders of the most powerful nations on Earth decided to.

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    This story really had a lot of action For this reason it was a real page turner with its fast pace It also had a lot of creative plot twists with the many characters that were introduced from one chapter to the next I've always wanted to visi

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    A humanoid looking race of aliens arrives on Earth seeking sanctuary Their homeworld is dying The British Prime Minister of the year 2070 decides to allow a settlement in the Highlands of Scotland These humanoid looking aliens are like Nephilim giants from biblical myth Some of the aliens have sinister reuirements Much to the dism