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T witzige Ton Von der ersten Seite an folgt der Leser dem jugendlichen Helden der sich aufmacht einen der begehrten Plätze in einer amerikanischen Gastfamilie zu ergattern Aber schon beim Auswahlgespräch in Hamburg werden ihm die Unterschiede zu den weltläufigen Großstadt Jugendlichen schmerzlich bewusst Konseuent gibt er sich im alles entscheidenden Fragebogen als genügsamer naturbegeisterter und streng religiöser K. Oh Germany You are really from Germany Ich nickte How did you get out Ich hatte keine Ahnung wovon er sprach Er klopfte mir auf die Schulter Welcome to America Enjoy freedom and peace

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Mit achtzehn ging ich für ein Jahr nach Amerika Noch heute erzähle ich oft dass es ein Basketballstipendium war aber das stimmt nicht Meine Großeltern haben den Austausch bezahlt So beginnt der erste Roman von Joachim Meyerhoff der seinen Ich Erzähler aus der norddeutschen Provinz in die Weiten des amerikanischen Westens führt und in ein Wechselbad der Gefühle Entscheidend ist der selbstironische empfindsame pointier. Recently than one GR friend has pointed out to me that due to the vast numbers of birthdays that each of us has celebrated it is essential to review a book pretty well as soon as it s read as otherwise the thoughts if there were ever any worth sharing crumble away to nothing images mood plot all fade to grey Pick it up and look at the colourful cover picture and try to recapture some of those vivid shadesSo true and yet here I sit attempting the Herculean Review this one some seven weeks later Amazingly I can dredge up a fair bit I do recall how dryly witty it was how the affectionate rivalry of three brothers was crisply brought to life how agonizingly the writer caught the angst of those teenage years when everyone else in the world seems to be confident at ease with themselves popular attractive successful and self assured than you are or ever will be And I remember very very clearly how to treat a dog that has had a run in with a skunk a method which involves giant tubs of cheap margarine kept ready in the basement for just such an occasion Not entirely useful knowledge as there are no skunks in our part of the world Or dogs in our house But you never know when you might be visiting a home that has skunks dogs and tubs of margarine in the basementI m not deliberately trying to discredit the opinion of those GR friends they re perfectly right All I m saying is that this book was obviously pretty memorable and I will definitely be reading the next instalments The name of the protagonist will come back to me when I do

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Leinstädter aus und findet sich bald darauf in Laramie Wyoming wieder mit Blick auf die Prärie Pferde und die Rocky Mountains Der drohende Kulturschock bleibt erst mal aus der Stundenplan ist abwechslungsreich die Basketballsaison steht bevor doch dann reißt ein Anruf aus der Heimat ihn wieder zurück in seine Familie nach Norddeutschland und in eine Trauer der er nur mit einem erneuten Aufbruch nach Amerika begegnen ka. Not at all sure to begin with is this autobiographical Decided to accept that it is as advertised on the cover a novel By the end I realised how convincing an 18 year old the narrator is Why has it been so successful in Germany is it because it tells it as it is no glowing rosy picture of life in the USA but some very hard hitting criticism of what this 18 year old exchange student found there Lots of interesting themes so I am left with plenty to think about

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    Recently than one GR friend has pointed out to me that due to the vast numbers of birthdays that each of us has celebrated it is essential to

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    Review to come after bookclub

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    I had real trouble figuring out if it is fiction or non fiction Considering that this really happened to the author I assume it is an autobiography But maybe some of it didn't happen and it is partially fiction? I am not sure but considering that the most unusual part of the book Randy Hart is real I would say it is an actual biographyYet i

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    funny as someone who has been an exchange student in the US I can relate to this book

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    Oh Germany You are really from Germany? Ich nickte How did you get out? Ich hatte keine Ahnung wovon er sprach

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    I came away from the book feeling as if I liked it and disliked it On reflection the dislike gently outweighs the like On one hand there were elements of interest the protagonist's experiences living abroad; and the descriptions of his teachers classes and host familyBut on the other hand I should point out here that as a Scottish person and native English speaker reading in German there is definitely a cultural gap between myself and the

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    Really enjoyed this book because I was an exchange student myself in the 80's in the US This is about the author's experie

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    Not at all sure to begin with is this autobiographical? Decided to accept that it is as advertised on the cover

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    45 stars

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    Man this was such a formulaic male coming of age story in a way And there is some mildly weird to unusual stuff in there Convicted murderers a mental institution a dead brother But at times I still felt like I head read this story uite a few times before and now seven months later it is all a muddled mess As someone who has spend substantial time in Germany and the US I also felt his observations about the American psyche weren't exactly as

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