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R destructive lifestyle to marry him; and her abusive step father who has recreated himself as the charismatic leader of a money grabbing cult And there is still the matter of The SacristanLambert and Hook have little time to solve one of the most puzzling cases of their career before the media drown the police force in a wave of hysteri.

SUMMARY An Unsuitable Death

An Unsuitable Death

When the body of a young woman is found on the Lady Chapel altar in Hereford Cathedral it appears that serial killer The Sacristan has set the grandest stage yet for his unholy tableaux and the newspapers waste no time in stoking up public fear and fury But there are slight differences between this case and those of The Sacristan so fear.


Ing that a copycat killer has taken up a grisly challenge Lambert and Hook set about discovering all they can about the dead girlAnd there is much to discover with many theories and many suspects there is the well known Member of Parliament who was paying for her sexual favours; the passionate young actor who had begged her to give up he.

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    Tamsin Rennie's body is discovered in Hereford Cathedral's Lady Chapel At first it seems like just the next one is a series of murd

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    A young woman is found dead in a chapel Lambert and Hook are called in to investigate Is she a victim of the serial killer the Sacristan? As th

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    I didn't mind this book It's typical of its genre There's nothing new or spectacular in the book but it's and enjoable light read

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