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    MehThis story has such potential So disappointed in it So much name brand dropping excessive descriptions poorly edited I forced myself to finish the book and now feel that I wasted two hours of my life as this book will be forgotte

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    Nope Just nopeDNF at 50%

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    Jason banks is a new author to me and I will defiantly be reading his other books Loved ashes to ashes

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Free download É eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF é Jason Banks

Ever After some soul searching Maxwell decides he wants to leave the hustle of Denver and hunt for a home on the Northwestern Coastline This opportunity affords him to become fully engaged in Lily’s life and learn about her world fulltime Once Max and Lily settle into their shore view abode in Northwest Washington Maxwell sets out to find the best accommodations for children on the Autism spectrum Durango Walters is the most sought after child psychologist on the West coast and after several referrals Max seeks out his esteemed expertise Throughout a journey of self discovery and learning about his child now than in seven years Max puts together the many pieces of his world while finding comfort in.

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Ashes to Ashes

The most unconventional fashion where ethics and desire could meld a prospect to fill both of their lonely voidsTRIGGER WARNINGS This book will contain references to people and situations which may be perceived as politically incorrect or heretical This book will contain emotional triggers which may not be suited for anyone in an addiction recovery program or suffering from any forms of PTSD from loss of loved ones etc This book includes death of the MC’s first partner but you’re reassured an HEA Remember this is a work of fiction and all parts of this book is intended only for the entertainment purposes to bring the audience a story which can be appreciated for what it is fictionWatch the trailer.

Free download É eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF é Jason Banks

In the wake of tragedy Maxwell Williams is searching for an answer to his life and where to go from here After his late husband dies he is left to fend for himself and care after the legacy Brogan Baxter left behind their seven year old daughter Lily Being twelve years Brogan’s junior Max uestions if his busy schedule and current skillsets euip him to be a single father Besides as a world renowned fashion photographer he’s away from home two or three weeks each month He couldn’t begin to fathom fathering Lily a moderately autistic child all by himselfJust weeks after Brogan’s funeral a Fed Ex certified letter arrives in Max’s office that stands to change the rest of his and Lily’s life for.