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Of her and husband Nick’s life He’s a control freak and he irks her However down deep she knows there’s at play between them The realization as to what it could be doesn’t come to the fore until Lucas catches her in a passionate embrace with the neighbor From that point forward her life takes a dramatic turn for the worse Or maybe not That’s left to the reader to come to his or her conclusion once they have read the book This book contains blackmail strapping spanking blowjob oral rough sex “Prurient Acuiesce” Adele is a dominatrix a very fit and aggressive one at that She starts this adventure as an assignment for another dominatrix Lady A She soon sees that John the subject of her assignment i.

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Avaricious Appétit

S not as portrayed by her employer She decides that he is worthy of an attempt to make him a submissive Leaving aside her threats of violent she can see he has plenty of potential In the end she makes him her pet and with some training decides he is worthy of her collar This story contains money wealth domination submission light whipping sadomasochism BDSM and there are threats of violence in this story Restraints and toys are also used Adele loves her leather cat suits claws tail whips and latex rubber Enjoy “Prurient Acuiesce” this book had been previously published under the title ‘The Making of a Submissive’ by author Misty Lane a pen name used by me at one point It has been touched up since then.

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Avarious Appetit is 3 books in one It’s a discounted way of buying three of my titles Sizzling Lust Tracy’s been deserted by her husband now she’s been deserted by her friends They were supposed to meet at a local bar that caters to the fighting crowd After a stressful day of work instead of her friends Tracy meets Chuck After he buys her a few drinks she’s than ready to see what else he has to offer and she lets him take her home It turns out that Tracy is than interested in Chuck sticking around Is this the man for Tracy Immoral Gratification Karen the main character in the story is a petite little thing who marries into a family from Houston Lucas her father in law is a beast of a man and the bane.