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    From my review for the Washington Independent Review of Books Back to Back is the story of Thomas and Ella a brother and sister growing up in the German Democratic Republic in the late 1950s The majority of their family fled Germany to escape Hitler or Stalin so the children live alone with their mother Käthe and a lodger called but not named Ulrich Käthe is a sculptor a Party true believer and a domestic tyrant who al

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    I don't know if it's the writing or the translating or the era 1950s Totalitarian East Germany or the combination of factors but I just did not understand this book Thomas and Ella grow up neglected by an artist named Kathe; throughout the book I was confused as to what their relationship was it seems they are Kathe's son and daughter but she refuses to be their mother also there are twins she abandons There were fragments of st

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    The State as MotherThomas and Ella ten and eleven respectively work all day to get the house ready for their mother who has

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    Two children Ella and Thomas ages 11 and 10 respectively are left at home for weeks when their absent mother does her work for the country But when she returns instead of acknowledging the good work they've done bringing the place to sparkling standards all she does is criticize them for wasting cleaning liuid This continues and gets increasi

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    Mir hat diese Buch nicht gefallen Ich mag nicht die Geschichte dieser abwesende Mutter und manchmal morbiden Beziehung zwischen den beiden Brüdern und diesemhistorischen Kontext Ich mag es nicht der Weg oder die Art in der es geschrieben wurde Alle sprechen gut aus dem Buch des Franck Mittagsfrau ich denke ic

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    It’s the 50s and 60s the early years of the German Democratic Republic The siblings Thomas and Ella live with their mother Käthe in a sprawling old villa in East BerlinKäthe works as a sculptress and is passionate about socialist ideals but her privileged and bourgeois background alone make her suspicious in the eyes of the State Security who’ve stationed a mysterious lodger with the familyKäthe is a harsh mother cruel and

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    This is a strong innovative but very depressing novel It’s set in East Germany in the 50s and 60s as the Berlin Wall is being built It centers around Thomas and Ella who are ten and eleven as the novel begins and eighteen and nineteen at the end of it Their mother Kathe is an artist – independent dynamic politically active and emotionally abusive She treats her children basically as servants This novel conveys the risks of growing up

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    I was grossly under prepared for the intensity of Julia Franck’s Back to Back Which is probably why I found it

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    The book opens in 1954 with Thomas and Ella children of just 10 and 11 years old left alone at home for 2 weeks while their self absorbed and neglectful mother Käthe a sculptor pursues her own career These are the early

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    This is a very brave though somewhat uneven story It's originally in German so you never know what is lost or gai

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She is a cruel and abrasive mother to her children Käthe barely acknowledges Ella's vulnerable loneliness and Thomas's uiet aspirations and her hard nosed brutality forces her children to build an imaginary world as a shelter from the coldness that surrounds them But the siblings find t. Mir hat diese Buch nicht gefallen Ich mag nicht die Geschichte dieser abwesende Mutter und manchmal morbiden Beziehung zwischen den beiden Br dern und diesemhistorischen Kontext Ich mag es nicht der Weg oder die Art in der es geschrieben wurde Alle sprechen gut aus dem Buch des Franck Mittagsfrau ich denke ich werde es lesen um ihre letzte Chance geben aber ich wollte nicht dass f r allesTo me this book was awful I do not like is the history of this absent mother and sometimes morbid relationship between the two brothers and especially in that historical context I do not like the way or style in which it was written All speak good of the other book by Franck Mittagsfrau I think I ll read it to give her last chance but I m not looking forward to itA me uesto libro non piaciuto Non mi piaciuta la storia di uesta madre assente e del rapporto a tratti morboso tra i due fratelli e in uel contesto storico Non mi piaciuto il modo o lo stile in cui stato scritto Tutti parlano bene dell altro libro della Franck Mittagsfrau credo che lo legger per darle l ultima chance ma non ho per niente voglia

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Rücken an Rücken

Hemselves enclosed by the Berlin Wall and unable to pursue their dreamsHeartbreaking and shocking Back to Back is a dark fairytale of East Germany a moving personal story of love betrayal and disillusionment within a single family that reflects the greater tragedy of the world around the. I was grossly under prepared for the intensity of Julia Franck s Back to Back Which is probably why I found it so disturbingThe story begins in 1954 and centers around a single family living in Berlin in the socialist East The mother K the is a sculptor who has been leveraging her party connections in order to get significant commissions Devoted entirely to becoming a success she is a cruel and completely unaffectionate mother putting the socialist party above her children Thomas Ella and unnamed and mostly absent twin girls She treats her children as if they were adults there is no bourgeois mollycoddling in her household K the was hardly ever happy but she was proud Thomas and Ella are unable to live the lives they want to instead of his dream of becoming a writer Thomas is forced to study geology including hard labor at a uarry as the practical part of his education Ella drifts along never finding her niche but becoming increasingly introverted and troubledThere are strong themes of sexual and physical abuse in this book and whilst they make for tough reading it was K the s psychological abuse of Ella and Thomas that I found intensely disturbing In particular the opening scenes with Thomas and Ella aged roughly nine and ten fending for themselves while K the is away for a fortnight were horrifying Further along the scenes describing Ella s nervous breakdown were so well and terrifyingly written that it will be hard to forget them Ella didn t move when no one could hear her she couldn t hear anyone and she didn t think of anyone She couldn t sleep she slept less and less and for a shorter and shorter time But she wasn t awake now either Her thinking didn t obey her she begged her memory please not leave her Time passed She could watch herself from the outside The intriguing aspect of Franck s writing is that when I look back over my margin notes there were no particular scenes where K the s cruelty is extreme or stands out with the exception of Ella s 16th birthday Instead it s ever present an undercurrent slyly woven into the text to give the reader this constant but nagging sense of foreboding and anxiety Unlike Ella Thomas seldom felt hatred He was not annoyed with K the he was annoyed with himself What did he expect K the had often told him and Ella not to make selfish claims Moderation was all No one had the right to love and protection Her children were to learn to work like anyone else that was what she demanded that was what she expected Thomas liked her glowing cheeks but he distrusted the reason for them The line No one had the right to love and protection made me pause And feel ill Because of course everyone has the right to feel loved and protectedMy only critisism of the book was the pace there were moments toward the end that felt out of sync particularly Thomas s work at the uarry his romance and Ella s education Perhaps Franck s intention was to present these plot developments as vignettes however after feeling so intimately connected with the children and their unsentimental household I felt I d been cut adriftThere are a number of startling parallels between the story and Franck s own family history they re described here but be aware that the short piece contains significant spoilers355 Never have I read a story where a mound of sugar becomes pivotal to the plot intriguedI received my copy of Back to Back from the publisher GroveAtlantic via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

characters ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Julia Franck

The moving story of a brother and a sister caught in the tide of the Cold WarKäthe is a Jewish sculptor living in East Berlin A survivor of the Nazi era she is a fervent socialist who has been using her political connections to secure significant commissions Devoted entirely to success. The State as MotherThomas and Ella ten and eleven respectively work all day to get the house ready for their mother who has been away She hardly notices and only reproves them for picking flowers from the garden Thinking to run away they take an old boat out on the lake by their house in the eastern suburbs of Berlin and return in the morning frozen almost to death Their mother is not even aware that they had gone Julia Franck has already introduced us to one monster mother in her best selling novel The Blindness of the Heart although that book ends by showing that the apparently callous act of abandoning one s child in a train station may have had a loving reason But there is no such reason in the actions of this single mother a sculptor named K the living in East Germany in the years immediately before and after the erection of the Wall She may be the coldest least feeling woman I have come across in modern fiction And her household out grims Grimm for deprivation and callousnessFranck s new novel which follows the lives of Ella and Thomas for the next eight years marks a departure from her earlier one in several respects It is tighter in focus less linear in construction and infinitely tragic Though centered on a single character the earlier book followed German history from the rise of the Nazis to the end of the war Here the only outside events allowed to penetrate the claustrophobic setting are mentions of Gagarin s flight into space the debacle of the Bay of Pigs and the building of the Wall In place of normal dialogue Franck uses a free combination of speech and description with neither punctuation nor always paragraph breaks to distinguish the speakers Combined with occasional use of the nonsense words that are part of the siblings private language and the increasing alienation of Thomas s poetry the book becomes almost Faulknerian in tone at least as translated by the exuisite Anthea Bell whose power resides largely in the gradual curdling of its narrative clarityWas it really so bad asks the Saarbr cker Zeitung It was much worse From this and most of the other reviews on the back cover it seems we are to read the novel as a denunciation of the evils of Walter Ulbricht s GDR By the second half of the book certainly Ella can be exploited by party officials threatening to withhold her school leaving certificate Thomas gets sent to work in a stone uarry to free him from the taint of privilege But why such horrors on the private front too I am sure there were plenty of good party member mothers who nonetheless showed a little love for their children I wasn t sure whether there was supposed to be some causal connection between K the s mothering and the demands placed upon her by the state or whether Franck intends it in part as an allegory This doubt makes me withhold my fifth star Though because the intensity of this horrible book was such as even to overcome my distaste while reading it it was a difficult decision