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And dry to a freezing torrential downpour William finds himself shivering and bedraggled hoping that Brian's offer of hospitality is still open Brian has secrets his open and welcoming nature do not suggest Is his offer of assistance entirely pure or does he have some deeper less altruistic motive Bitten by the Alpha is a first time Mm erotic romance novella with some elements of mild BDSM This is the first book in the Consort of the Werewolf King series.

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Bitten by the Alpha Consort of the Werewolf King # 1

Area to try and get photographic evidence that the wolf is real There he meets Brian a handsome and charismatic English country gentleman Brian is the first person to take him seriously and William finds that he is strangely drawn to him The weather report suggests a mild and dry day but Brian insists that the weather will turn soon and offers William a lift to the local train station if it does When the weather of a late spring afternoon turns from warm.

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A fortnight ago William was bitten by a wolf despite the fact that they are extinct in England As a student of biology at a local university William is well aware that wolves do not exist in the wild in the British Isles None of his fellow students believe his story and his girlfriend uses it as a reason to break up with him Determined to prove himself sane and salvage his reputation from a potentially career ending story William returns to returns to the.

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    🎁 Books 1 2 in the Series are free on today 2182020 🎁

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    Holds promiseThis not hardcore Ds While that is fine with me you should know if that is what you are looking for Rules are given and punishment given for slowness in obedience No restraints or euipment But as an introduction it is a decent beginning I will definitely try Part 2There were several places where th editing was a bit lax leaving some confusion with pronouns

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    This is a new to me author I enjoyed the story and will be continuing on with this series as I want to meet the pack and find out if William will become pack For someone who has never been with a man or really ever thought

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