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summary Booty Call for Murder

Booty Call for Murder

Victoria Hubert spends her days with the Dewey Decimal System and her nights living vicariously through romance novels When Detective Angus McDonald enters her library she recognizes.

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Ce system Now Richard is back in town with a new agenda Victoria is his next victim and as her life plays out like a romance novel Victoria is determined to write her own happy ending.

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Him as the coverboy of her current novel Angus has skeletons in his closet than a public official He’s on the hunt for Richard Markov a convicted felon who slipped through the justi.

  • Paperback
  • 186
  • Booty Call for Murder
  • Jane Greenhill
  • English
  • 28 October 2019
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About the Author: Jane Greenhill

As a child of three my first memory of books was when I 'accidentally' picked one up from the store My mother was furious We went back to the store and I apologized to the sales person Thus ended my crime spreeAt the age of six I sat in the basement in front of the antiue manual typewriter even back then it was old and typed out a story about kids hiding clues around the townWhile other

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    I've received three excellent reviews for Booty Call for MurderSimply Romance Reviews Booty Call for Murder manages to find some light hearted moments in the suspense You'll be holding your breath until the last following twists than a NASCAR race before we come to the climactic ending or is tit the end? I think you should shake your booty to

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    In Booty Call for Murder Jane Greenhill weaves a suspenseful yarn of a deranged killer and the ex cop who has sworn to bring him down In the middle of the mayhem is Victoria Hubert scarred by life but content to live life through her

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