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Candy Shelley Go to the Desert

Heading west in search of romance and adventure Candy and Shelley suddenly find themselves stranded in the vast emptiness of a western desert when their car boils over Alone under the blazing sun with no recourse except to wait for another car to come along the resilient Candy decides to relax and add to her suntan while her nervous and ludicrously over dressed companion sneezes and recoils from the lizards basking on t.

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F his leather jacket before he dehydrates totally In the end despite their misadventures and a momentary falling out which occurs when Shelley admits to having slept with Candy's boyfriend their desert catastrophe proves redemptive than harmful and the two end up stronger friends than before although than ready to bid farewell to the relentless sun dusty tumbleweeds and expiring lizards who litter the ground around them.

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He nearby rocks Fantasizing about being ravaged by a passing motorcycle gang the girls are seized with terror when a lone biker does indeed turn up having strayed off course in the trackless desert While they try to fend him off with an orange juice container which explodes in the heat he proves to be a harmless sort who is riding west to attend his cousin's wedding and whose chief concern is undoing the jammed zipper o.

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