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Summary Celestial Storm Sector Guard #13

Andra Nickles has been a Terran courier assigned to the Sector Guard for a few years The storm that wraps her ship and makes its way inside finds her just outside of Udell With her body overwhelmed her mind shuts down and the entity wi.

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Celestial Storm Sector Guard #13

Ers as a tool to visually measure her radioactive output is unorthodox but everything she is now experiencing is beyond her situational training With care and control she becomes the Celestial Storm now she just needs to rework the nam.

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Thin the storm takes up residenceRacked with radiation that she doesn't know how to control she is relegated to the home of Udell's avatar Nich where she learns a little about his race and a lot about his taste in botanicals Using flow.

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    Fast story of insta love between a human transform by a stellar storm and the planet avatar of the battle base Star breaker is pregnant There's a little interaction with Mala's family

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