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Clue The Storybook

S the mysterious Mr Boddy No one has the answers but before the evening is over six people have been killed Who is the murderer Is it Miss Scarlet Professor Plum Mrs White Mr Green Mrs Pe.

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Acock Colonel Mustard Or did the butler do itThis mystery isn't like any other because it has four solutions so read carefully follow the clues to CLUE and choose the ending you like best.

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WhodunitOn a bleak rainy night a strange dinner party is held at a gloomy mansion The guests don't know each other They don't even know their host Why have they been called together Who i.

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    The 1985 murder mystery comedy Clue is my favorite movie I just read the novel based on the screenplay In a similar vein I’ll discuss Clue The Storybook which was adapted by Ann Matthews Like the novel it sell

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    I've had this book for 10 years now and finally got around to reading it It pales in comparison to the movie obviously and the photos featured are nothing new The surprise fourth ending was a delight though I would LOVE to see that ending filmed Also the last page which has the suspects all counting their fingers to see how many

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