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Ndsome scientist with the magic hands is her savior or a scoundrel As owner of Paranormal Investigations Unlimited Seth has seen his share of unexplained phenomena Still he's fascinated by the strange events surrounding Olivia With her mesmerizing eyes a spectral energy field encircling her lush body and a ravenous need for sex he's certain she's put him under a spel.

characters Curse of the Black Widow

Curse of the Black Widow

In Curse of the Black Widow the Chameleons return from Spell of the Chameleon by Titania LadleyWith color changing eyes an insatiable sex drive light bulbs blowing and three husbands now dead Olivia Templeton's finally had it Under suspicion by the police she's been labeled Black Widow Templeton Seeking out paranormal expert Dr Seth Hayden Olivia isn't sure if the ha.

read ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Titania Ladley

L He sets out to prove if she could be one of the Chameleon witches rud to be living in the Salem Massachusetts areaBut someone or something is determined to see the truth about Olivia dead and buried with them both Whether it's a curse or just mumbo jumbo Seth will unearth the facts even if it means he must sacrifice his reputation and his life for the stunning witc.