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Dana fled her pack and their laws to live on her terms but the price of defiance was her happiness Pack law states Lycan females must be shared by two or males but young and in love Dana flees rather than be forced into a mén. Defying Pack Law is book one in the Pack series by Eve Langlais I have only read a couple of Eve s books in the past but loved them When I saw this series I couldn t resist It hits on several of my favorite genres and at the same time gives me a chance to explore of her books Wow I loved it loved it loved it Dana and Nathan are in love Just entering into adulthood they pledge themselves to each other They are shape shifters werewolves In their pack full blooded females are rare so they are forced to take than one mate to encourage offspring Most of these matings turn out as loving family units But not Dana s She watched her mother suffer at the hands of her evil father and she has vowed that she will never suffer as her mother did So when Nathan tells her that they must follow pack law and he will share her with other mates she refuses and she runs How can I be lonely when paranoia is my constant companion Now twelve years later Dana has spent her life on the run She can never let her guard down never completely relax She always has to have an escape route planned in case she needs to get out fast You see a lone unmated female is never really safe Her luck finally runs out and she finds herself in a hopeless situation one where death would be the better alternative when she is rescued by the man she ran from twelve years ago Along with Nathan are his two packmates and closest friends John and Kody For twelve years Dana has felt nothing towards any male Even though she ran she still loved Nathan But as soon as she was in a room with John and Kody she felt a pull a longing among other things These are feelings she wasn t accustomed to Could she actually be attracted to all three of these men Her wolf sure seems to think so I was living a perfectly fine life I made my own decisions did what I wanted I was free John snorted You call that freedom I saw your house with its alarms and lack of personal touches It looked like a prison to me one built on paranoia and fear Nathan was now the alpha of their pack I have to say that I didn t care for him as much as the others It was obvious why he was alpha He was tough But after searching for Dana for so many years he didn t deal very well with her and all her new found feelings He really mucked things up Now John is another story I think I fell in love with him some myself He was the doctor of the bunch He was the stable one calm loving and understanding Then Kody who was the youngest was the happy go lucky swoony flirt Together though these three were the perfect combination tough guy softy and silly But twelve years ago the thought of sharing herself with anyone other than Nathan made her run Can she really be a mate to three men now Is it what she really wants I loved this book It was oh so sexy Dana was so young when she ran but let me tell you it didn t stop her at all from enjoying these sexy shifters now The sexy times are hotter than hot But there are plenty of sweet moments as well My one complaint is like I said before Nathan kind of ticked me off But John swoon made up for it I love reading a new and different take on pack life and can t wait to continue this series with book two Betraying the Pack So what could be a better combination that a shifter menage book If these are two genres that you enjoy you definitely should give this series a try

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Defying Pack Law Pack #1

Age Her life on the run constantly on guard has no room for happiness When her past catches up and brings her back to the home she fled she finds herself reevaluating her beliefs To her surprise she discovers her body and inne. FREE on on iBooks today 512020

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R wolf want to claim three males Could it be that now older and wiser she can accept the Lycan polyamorous way of life Or will jealousy and fear send her running again Note All the focus is on her There is no male on male acti. All I want is a decent paranormal menage read but apparently that s too much to ask lmao1 Nathan is a self entitled asshole period I don t give a fuck about his excuses or the fucking pack laws dude can go off himself2 Dana is my girl until she goes blaming herself for Nathan s possessive tendencies and the fact that he cannot keep his wandering dick in his pants all these twelve years WHICH HE FUCKING BLAMED HER FOR no bb it s not on you you ve done nothing wrong 3 and then she took Nathan back after he basically raped her no nope nah bb4 Nathan can go fuck himself tbh5 I really hate Nathan6 this book should end with Dana and John driving into the sunset together with Kody the golden lab 7 the whole vampire werewolf thing is a bit weird and out of nowhere8 did I mention I hate Nathan9 I enjoyed Kody s character but he has literally no chemistry with the other bros I don t understand why he s around tbh he existed just for laughs and sex10 I fucking hate Nathan

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    Defying Pack Law is book one in the Pack series by Eve Langlais I have only read a couple of Eve’s books in the past but loved them When I saw this series I couldn’t resist It hits on several of my favorite gen

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    Omg I am astonished Defining Pack Law is a novel to howl about When I started reading I couldn’t stop I even got mad because I had to stop and fix dinner LOL Eve Langlais adds a lot of emotions and depth to this wolf tale I laughed loved and even cried and that last one is hard for me; These three men are awesome Why? For one Eve writes

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    This is a hard book for me to rate I read it initially because of a one star review that made me curious and now that I’m finished I’m vacillating over my feelings about this story There were parts of this story that I loved alm

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    I was enjoying this book up to the point where Dana lost her freaking mind and started with the whole He did something wrong but it's okay because it was my fault I wanted to throw my iPad across the room or at someone She went from t

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    Werewolves are my secret fetish something about them that calls to me and therefore really wanted to like this book as it had not one but fou

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    🎁 FREE on on iBooks today 512020 🎁

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    My rating5 Starsto Defying The Pack Pack #1 by author Eve LanglaisWow I am so glad I came across this series It's sexy sensual dark and packed with suspense The author blended all these elements perfectly These shifters a

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    Who says running away will never make you free? Well Kenny Loggins said that but he didn't know what he was talking about because things worked out just fine for DanaDana fears the life that is her destiny As Lycan female she is rare and should be treasured but against Dana's desires she must be shared among the males in her pack She witnessed her mother's misery and is determined to avoid that life for herself In an effort to dodge her d

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    All I want is a decent paranormal menage read but apparently that's too much to ask lmao1 Nathan is a self entitl

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    Warning Reading this book may find you panting for three werewolves of your own Please talk to your doctor before attempting the foursome scene portrayed in this book as it may result in numerous orgasms Eve always has the most intriguing warningsGod I love herSince pack law states that woman have to share than one mateDana has decided to run from her pack and her one true love She's constantly on the run and is always looking

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