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Epidemiology is often referred to as the science of public health However unlike other major sciences its theoretical foundations are rarely articulated While the idea of epidemiologic theory may seem dry and arcane it is at its core about explaining the people s health It is about life and death It is about biology and society It is about ecology and the economy It is about how myriad aspects of people s lives involving work dignity desire love play conflict discrimination and injustice become literally incorporated into our bodies and manifest in our health status indiv.

SUMMARY Epidemiology and the People's Health: Theory and Context

Epidemiology and the People's Health: Theory and Context

Tice knowledge and the politics of public health Outlining an ecosocial theory of disease distribution that situates both population health and epidemiologic theory in societal and ecologic context she offers aholistic picture of how we embody the human experienceNancy Krieger is Professor of Social Epidemiology Health She received her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of California at Berkeley in In she co founded and still chairs the Spirit of Caucus of the American Public Health Association which is concerned with the links between social justice and public healt.

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Idually and collectively And it is about essential knowledge critical for improving the people s health and minimizing ineuitable burdens of disease disability and death Woven from a vast array of schools of thought including those in the natural social and biomedical sciences epidemiologic theory is a rich tapestry whose time for analysis is long overdue By tracing its history and contours from ancient societies on through the development of and debates within contemporary epidemiology worldwide Dr Krieger shows how epidemiologic theory has long shaped epidemiologic prac.

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