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Ns that have never been presented before This book helps one to understand the personal steps to Ascension and to integrate Esoteric inner healing into their li.

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Esoteric AcupunctureGateway to Expanded Healing

An Integration of the Ancient Wisdom Sacred Geometry abbalistic Tree of Life and the Chakra system with Traditional Chinese Acupuncture It contains expanded acu.

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Puncture concepts for the 21st Century and is filled with information for non acupuncturists as well There are New Endocing Patterns and Chakra Alignment Patter.

3 thoughts on “Esoteric AcupunctureGateway to Expanded Healing

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    I agree that the book does not have scientific backing but I have tried a few of the treatments in the book for local pain on patie

  2. says:

    This is a book for acupuncturists and energy workers looking to expand into an esoteric way of looking at energy This book focuses on opening the chakras so that the Kundalini energy can completely rise up and help the person along the path to

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    Good and interesting for the spreads shared The first half was fairly basic and kind of boring with littleno scientific backing but this is the kind of instruction that you just have to assume to be true and test for yourself to see if it really works My preliminary experiences have been good

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