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Rejection of the ideal of mass politics and indeed of mass society and mass culture broadly conceived Thus rather than massifying society fascism was the culmination of a long effort on the part of the élites and the middle classes to de massify it The perennially menacing mass – seen as plebeian and insubordinate – was to be drilled into submission replaced by supposedly superior collective entities such as the nation the race.

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Fascism and the Masses

Highlighting the mass nature of interwar European fascism has long become commonplace Throughout the years numerous critics have construed fascism as a phenomenon of mass society perhaps the ultimate expression of mass politics This study deconstructs this long standing perception It argues that the entwining of fascism with the masses is a remarkable transubstantiation of a movement which understood and presented itself as a militant.

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Or the people Focusing on Italian fascism and German National Socialism but consulting fascist movements and individuals elsewhere in interwar Europe the book incisively shows how fascism is best understood as ferociously resisting what Elias referred to as the civilizing process and what Marx termed the social individual Fascism notably was a revolt against what Nietzsche described as the peaceful middling and egalitarian Last Humans.

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    Half a century of well social science would be the wrong word but half a century of sophisticated reflection on fascism in the West whether propounded by the culturally inclined segments of Marxism or by simple liberals ave

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    Timely and provocative Landa forcefully counters the thesis that fascism is the form par excellence of mass politics Rather he contends elites turn to fascism precisely out of fear of mass politics which they see arising dangerously on all sides Offering a wealth of evidence Landa argues that elites viewed rising standards of livin

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