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    According to the endorsement on the back of the 50th anniversary edition this is the book that launched the Beat Generation I have no comment on that but it's a gritty unforgiving story of artists and junkies in the Village in the '50s Phenom

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    Called the first Beat novel Flee the Angry Strangers is a look at post war US okay really just New York okay really just the West Village where the potential for positive action has already been destroyed by drugs The young people of this book are seriously fucked up They get into drugs and all its conseuences easily and uickly lack the standard moral compass and every spring there are a series of suicides Pretty depressing stuff

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Ng; Joe Letrigo the southern gentleman who can't forget Diane's ungainly reputation; and Carter Webb the husband of Diane's gravely ill sister Edna and possibly the only person who can truly save Diane Years before its time in dealing seriously with topics like drug abuse women's liberation and sexual freedom Flee the Angry Strangers is the first Beat novel and a true rediscovered class.

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Flee the Angry Strangers

Diane Lattimer is an eighteen year old single mother struggling with the separation from her infant son who has been sent to live with a foster family in Long Island Strapped with guilt Diane searches for redemption in souls as lost as her own in the jazz and drug fueled hipsters of Greenwich Village Finding solace only in one night stands and an increasing dependence on drugs Diane spi.

Download à E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¿ George Mandel

Rals into a world of violence and drug abuse leaving her destitute and addicted to heroin Struggling to stave off the addiction Diane searches for help from the various people who move in and out of her life Diane's mother tells her daughter she must reject the sins of the Village and turn to God; Dincher the tough young junkie who dreams of some day playing horn alongside Louis Armstro.