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E his life was shadowed in turmoil and anxietyNow bestselling author Sam Wasson unveils the man behind the swaggering sex appeal tracing Fosse’s untold reinventions of himself over a career that would spawn The Pajama Game Cabaret Pippin All That Jazz and Chicago one of the longest running Broadway musicals ever Drawing on a wealth of unpublished material and hundreds of sources friends enemies lovers and collaborators many of whom have never spoken publicly about Fosse before Wasson ill. How much time do I have asks Bob Fosse at the start of Sam Wasson s biography of the director and choreographer Sixty years as it turns out as Wasson s chapter headings turn into a relentless countdown of the years and later minutes left before his last fatal heart attack It s an effective device for who among us is not a ticking timebomb with an uncertain expiration dateWasson s narrative expertly researched exhaustively documented is as gritty and sometimes as knowingly vulgar as his subject Its thoroughness however is somewhat undermined by a lack of any kind of post mortem evaluation of Fosse s legacy Of all his contemporaries it s Fosse whose name is a household word and whose style is inseparable from his name Wasson however is so hellbent on ending his work with Fosse keeling over dead in the streets that his countdown gimmick undermines his subject s deeper significance Fosse s influence didn t end the moment his heart stopped for as long as he is emulated imitated and honored on stage is as much time as he and his legacy have

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Uminates not only Fosse’s prodigious professional life but also his close and conflicted relationships with everyone from Liza Minnelli to Ann Reinking to Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman Wasson also uncovers the deep wounds that propelled Fosse’s insatiable appetites for spotlights women and life itself In this sweeping richly detailed account Wasson’s stylish effervescent prose proves the ideal vehicle for revealing Bob Fosse as he truly was after hours close up and in vibrant colo. There are only two Lords of the Dance IMHO Balanchine and Fosse I haven t read a biography of Balanchine but he had a talent for showing us who he was in newspapers and magazines Frankly I don t want to know about him lest it further ruin my appreciation for his genius Fosse has created almost the same problem This exhaustive biography lets us see the damaged insecure womanizing pill popping manic innovator who created and gave his name to a particular style of dance He was tough demanding but unlike Balanchine people adored him He could talk almost anyone into anything As a biography this was a page turner assuming you care about the subject If it has a failing it s that I never understood why people would forgive Fosse anything Perhaps it s a Broadway mentality I don t understand Wasson was incredible as he described various scenes where Fosse danced or trained his corps I could actually see it even if I had never seen that piece before If you re deciding whether or not to tackle this tome go to YouTube and call up Fosse doing his routine for Snake in the Grass You might want to kill the audio That one clip will show you where Michael Jackson got his most famous moves It s not that Jackson hid it it s that he was rarely asked I loved the book even when my hero had dancing shoes of clay

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More than a uarter century after his death Bob Fosse’s fingerprints on popular culture remain indelible The only person ever to win Oscar Emmy and Tony awards in the same year Fosse revolutionized nearly every facet of American entertainment forever marking Broadway and Hollywood with his iconic style hat tilted fingers splayed that would influence generations of performing artists Yet in spite of Fosse’s innumerable achievements no accomplishment ever seemed to satisfy him and offstag. In some ways I think I know the author of Fosse Sam Wasson about as well as he wants us to know the mercurial obsessed geniusfraudfriendlovermotherfucker that apparently was Bob Fosse As much as Fosse possessed others in his ceaseless search for art through love or was it love through art Wasson is eually obsessed with his subject seemingly trying to creep into his skin to bring us as well to be co inhabitants with him so that he and we trudge merrily along through the emotional wreckage of Fosse s life He often succeeds in letting us inside this very complex artist but I would have wished for of the journalist s or historian s craft in writing this story Example the book begins with the first chapter heading Sixty so we know this is a countdown in years to a death foretold Well and good But when he does die so does the book The women wives lovers and lovers his daughter his coterie of friends even his shows die as Fosse dies FIN But we deserve Sam We should know what happened to some of those people We should know that the Bob Fosse Gwen Verdun partnership continues as a dance academy celebrating their mutual contribution to choreography We should know something about his beloved daughter Nicole We should understand that he did have a lasting impact on film makingBut Sam you got greedy for Bob s love just like all the others he loved seduced tried to make better tried to control with his talent his cock and his personal devils You want him the long gone subject of this book to love you as well And you left us in the dirtDear reader full in the missing pieces of Fosse s life that the book did not could not deliver Watch Fosse interviews on You Tube This weekend I m going to re watch the Fosse movies I ve seen and screen those I haven t I wish Fosse had seen fit to record his plays Now that I ve read the book I m looking forward to seeing what I missed in Fosse s films the first time around I need some unadulterated Fosse to get away to get some distance from Wasson s literary recreation of Fosse

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SAM WASSON is the author of the New York Times bestseller Fifth Avenue 5 AM Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's and the Dawn of the Modern Woman and two works of film criticism He is a visiting professor of film at Wesleyan University

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    After reviewing the entertaining FX miniseries FosseVerdon a month ago I became very curious about the book the show was based on Sam Wasson’s biography of the legendary director and choreographer Bob Fosse I’m glad I read it e

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    One of the biggest problems with a book about a dancerchoreographer is that no matter how colourful the descriptions and Wasson REALLY likes description you can’t see the performances I found myself going over and over again to YouTube to look for clips so that I could actually see what was being described I almost wished that this had bee

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    In some ways I think I know the author of Fosse Sam Wasson about as well as he wants us to know the mercurial obsessed geniusfraudfrie

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    How much time do I have? asks Bob Fosse at the start of Sam Wasson's biography of the director and choreographer Sixty years as it turns out as Wasson's chapter headings turn into a relentless countdown of the years and la

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    I have never been so happy to come to the end of a book as I was when Fosse ended It is a well researched and written book b

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    The only reason I read this was because of the Yearly Reading Challenge Rad Reads through my Facebook group Pop Culture bookclub Definitely would not have picked this up otherwise I didn't know who Bob Fosse was before th

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    There are only two Lords of the Dance IMHO Balanchine and Fosse I haven't read a biography of Balanchine but he had a talent for showing us who he was in newspapers and magazines Frankly I don't want to know about him lest it furth

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    Serving as the basis for the 2019 FX limited series FosseVerdon here is the story of two larger than life performers who spent over thirty decades as collaborators partners sounding boards and husband and wife

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    As I was finishing Sam Wasson's biography of Bob Fosse Molly Ringwald published this article in The New Yorker and it served as a nice companion piece to how I was feeling about the experience of learning about Bob Fosse's life In her article Ringwald looks back at the John Hughes movies that made her famous and reconsiders them both as an adult woman and in light of the #MeToo movement The movies don't come

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    Having watched All That Jazz on HBO in my tween years I have been a Bob Fosse fan for over half my life I've wanted to read this book since it came out it's been in my pile for two years and since the FX miniseries aired this spring I figured it was time to dig it out of my pile and get crackingWhat a wonderful time in which we live when we can go to YouTube and watch a clip from a movie or a TV ad or Liza With A Z with just a few clicks

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