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Foundations of Java for ABAP Programmers Foundations

Ans gone The statement that the Gartner group made a few years ago that corporations would have to externalize their data or lose out to competitors that have is still very valid Can you imagine working with a bank that did not offer online banking They wouldn't survive for very long if their competitors were all webified So in 2001 one of the most innovative ERP companies SAP saw an opportunity to bring Java into its development environmen.

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Java has been a part of developers' vocabularies since 1995 At first it was thought of as being a nice neat little language that could do some amazing things for the Internet However the language soon matured and it still kept its simple approach Developers started to realize the awesome power of a clean uncluttered alternative to CC It wasn't long before visionaries in the industry discovered that Java could be further extended into an ent.

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Erprise language Thus J2EE Java 2 Enterprise Edition was born This has also matured into a solid base for running three tier web based enterprise systems If anyone doubts the industrial strength of these systems there are now a wealth of bl chip corporations using J2EE They use IBM WebSphere and other enterprise systems to create very large robust and externalized systems The dot com boom may have adjusted itself somewhat but it is by no me.

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