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Russians British Australians and Americans eventually becoming an officer who received credit for shooting down two Allied planesFRITZ is a compelling account of Nagel's experiences as a green recruit in the pre war Imperial German artillery; of exhaustive marches and brutal fighting through Belgium and France in 1914; of seemingly endless days of dust rain snow and alternating German and Russian attacks in Poland; of desperate combat on land and in the air durin.

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Fritz The World War I Memoir of a German Lieutenant

In 1962 exactly half a century after he first joined the German field artillery as a one year volunteer in 1912 Fritz Nagel began writing down his experiences as a soldier of the First World WarBased upon a collection of diaries he kept for all but the first four months of the war Nagel's finished narrative documented an aspect of that conflict seldom encountered in print For nearly four years Nagel served in a succession of anti aircraft batteries fighting French.

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G 1918's Western Front offensives; and of hard times and fighting in the streets back home in Germany from 1919 to 1921 Nagel's narrative also features an unusual wartime romance between the author and an English woman whose love culminated in marriage in 1917 despite the fact that their native countries' armies were killing each other wholesale Supplementing this widely praised memoir are 60 rare photographs many taken by Nagel himself of K Flak motorized weapons.

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