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Country’s people What they end up providing is hope for a devastated land and a voice for a people long smothered by oppression Told with searing honesty this is a story of struggle cruelty and courage populated by ordinary people who risk their lives for freedo.

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Good Morning Afghanistan

Waseem Mahmood lost almost everything when his brother broke a confidence and filed a story in the world's highest circulating tabloid newspaper the News of the World He feared he would never work in broadcast media again and history intervened with the events of.

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911 the attack on Afghanistan and the fall of the Taliban Headed by Mahmood a group of local and foreign journalists responded to the events by producing a radio program based in Kabul to disseminate much needed and for the first time uncensored information to the.

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    Good Morning Afghanistan by Waseem Mahmood OBEAdult non fictionWhat is Afghanistan like 15 years after the Taliban were driven out? A recent party invitation in Kabul included ‘A cloakroom will be available for your coats and bullet proof vests’ Mahmood says this best sums up today’s Afghanistan Kabul changes you ‘Life becom

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    about Afghanistan Great journalistic accounting Very encouraging Lacked the humane approach

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