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    So blink blink Sepertinya komik tahun 90an

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    Another one shot manga Love the storyline about a tycoon and his family Don't judge book by it's cover There something about Carrie that Alexeis don't know Carrie Fall in love with Alexeis get humiliate by his family I cry when I read this manga I love this story because the Hero doesn't know that Heroin actually eual or better than him

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    A jobless heroine was seduced by a wealthy Hero The twist in the end was an attempt of surprise And I was like awwwkayyyy

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characters à eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Ayumu Aso

For business he might as well travel in style A lovely lady by his side is exactly what he needs for his trip but what will he do when he returns ho.

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Greek Tycoon Waitress Wife

Carrie Richards may not have the best job as a waitress but all was fine until she spilled a drink on the date of one Alexei Nicolaides Greek tycoon.

characters à eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Ayumu Aso

And heartthrob When this chance encounter puts Carrie out on the street Alexei swoops in to take her on a whirlwind journey; if he's got to travel.