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A man with no memory A woman with strange dreams An orphan girl all alone in the world Three lost souls brought together by fate journey across the Christmas landscape of New York City seeking answers to an unfolding and ever growing mystery watched over by Sister Regina the head of the Convent where they are staying As they begin to find answers as they begin to discover and clues to La. My ReviewBrinn wakes up in an alleyway without his memory no money in his pocket and nothing but his wits to help him in this strange city Fighting to stay alive sane and find his memory you completely find yourself engrossed with his taleOn his search I felt his elation at discovering Lauren and his despair at losing her againLauren wakes up in very similar circumstances Lost afraid sans memory in the middle of a Museum exhibit Her struggles bring her to Sister Regina Paige and their convent Taken under their wings she starts discovering herself and some of her memoriesThe GoodThe imagery is amazing Excelent descriptions made it impossible for me not to see everything I felt like I have now actually made a visit to the big apple myself And as stodgy and strict as Sister Regina is she is an amazingly complex colourful character At times I actually felt chastened by her myselfThe Not so GoodThe only reason I could not give the book the desired 5 stars is because of the dialogue At times I found it a bit forced and unnaturally Once again this is my only complaint Now for the fun partThe GreatThe intervals and breaks from the regular story line I found it fascinating rounded of the story uite nicelyPaige s history was enlightening and frightening at the same time I felt heartbroken that a young girl had to go through all of that and amazed that she made it through so remarkably well And completely overjoyed when she found herself in a family with Brinn and Lauren No one in my eyes deserved it She was by far my favourite characterIt was an amazing book and hard to put down from the get go Once I made it to the last few chapters of the book it became impossible to put down Next thing I knew it was 2am my eyes were blood shot and I myself felt a little lost and disorientated I am super excited for the next oneThank you for an amazing read MR Jenks I look forward to your future worksShould you be interested please see the following link for an interview with the Author

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Hearth by M.R. Jenks

Uren and Brinn’s identities something stalks them an ancient and deadly Evil from before the dawn of recorded history A clock is ticking now and they must solve the mystery of their origins and who they are soon For it is not just they and everyone around them who are threatened; the entire fate of humanity and of two worlds is in peril unless they find answers and find answers soon Wh. Hearth Exile is most definitely one of those reads that draws you in gradually Set in modern day New York the main character immediately grips you but it s the uiet unravelling of his story that begins to stir your interest and curiosity At the outset of this book you don t even know the main characters name for he himself has amnesia and has no idea who he is However for those who worry that this read will take a while to get into Jenks beautifully crafted New York cityscape is superbly drawn It s winter it s desolate but the Big Apple continues to shine in all its beauty and adds as much to the story as a supporting characterAs the story progresses the main character s identity is revealed and he starts to remember aspects of his past life This is particularly sparked when he meets Lauren a stunning woman that he s sure he s met before She offers support kindness and shelter by way of a city Convent There under the watchful eye of Sister Regina the pair of them begin to not only develop old feelings for one another but sense that something rather sinister has happened to themOne of the reasons that I loved this book was that the fantasy aspect was done in a very subtle way It is the characters fascination for discovery that drives this story along and the fantasy is peppered throughout just enough to cause intrigue and curiosity but not too much to turn what is a well structured character driven novel into yet another pointless fantasy saga As details emerge so the fantasy thrills increase offering an exciting end to this first novel in the series I really liked the mixture of characters including youngster Page who surprises everyone with her intellect and becomes a vital part of the storylineThere s no doubt from the end of this novel that Hearth Exile is set to have a seuel written And such is my need to find out just what has happened I hope that Jenks has this seuel planned sooner rather than later I highly recommend this book and it ll leave you wanting much much

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At you hold in your hands is the beginning of an apocalyptic fantasy It is also a complete story in 4 Books or Seasons Exile Return Rebellion and Armageddon I invite the Reader to come in stay awhile and get comfortable If you like what you see maybe you’re willing to go a little further Let the story and those who struggle against impossible odds draw you in and carry you away to Hear. Review originally posted at fantasy tale about amnesia but not alcohol inducedHave you ever had too much to drink Have you ever woken up with an awful headache maybe wearing less clothes than would be your preference or in a strange place How did you get there Floating in this haze you reach for the nearest pain killers or strong cup of coffee Maybe you have woken up half in half out a trash can with no memory of how you got there This is the case with the man we are introduced to in HealthExile From this point on we are led through the streets of New York by this homeless man with amnesia Luckily when we drink too much and maybe don t remember how got to the bed floor or back alley that we wake up in this is a brief and uickly explained condition Not so for the protagonist of HearthExileThe GoodHearthExile is nothing like I expected it would be I don t truly know what I was expecting but when a book is labelled fantasy there is a certain understanding of what that book might contain You will find none of that in HealthExile The story plays out like Indiana Jones as an orphan kid with amnesia minus the action A strange and refreshing mix to be sureThe biggest draw for this book is that the protagonist revealed to be Br something had no idea who he is or where he came from The reader gets to learn about Br as he learns about himself This gives a wonderfully mysterious feel to the story the world and provides a sense of drive to keep reading Who is this Br guy and how did he end up in a trash canThough the reader doesn t know what is going on because the characters don t little snippets of brilliant third person omniscient use provide the reader with just enough external hints to push on Reading about a homeless man combing his hair can only hold reader interest to a point Eventually a strange bird with red eyes has to swoop in and let the reader know that there really is a story here This heightens the suspense and keeps things rolling even through the slow beginningM R Jenks gives the reader a brilliant understanding of the characters in HearthExile Jenks slides easily between third person limited and omniscient points of view in a way I have never seen done well until now Internal monologue runs rampant never leaving the reader in the dark about character motivation Specific character back stories are woven right into the middle of everything making good use of the external narrator role that Jenks implements through his uniue writing styleThe BadI wanted to like this book than I did The biggest problem I faced was that I just wasn t drawn in by M R Jenks writing style Long sections of HearthExile are told in a passive voice which makes it read like an unengaging biography instead of the intriguing and suspenseful fantasy story that it is The book had a lot of potential but I had a hard time caring about anything that was happening or the characters because of the hands off word choice implementation When reading I want to be sucked into the pages so intensely that when I come up to breathe my mind is swimming in a haze of the reality I live in still invested in the fantasy of ink and paper There is almost as much passive voice as there is active voice which is a surprisingly large amount This was the biggest downfall of HealthExile by farAlong the way Br meets an orphan girl She is the most intriguing character in the whole book I loved her back story and how she reacted to the world around her because of it The problem was that she didn t always act this way Sometimes she was the street hardened brat and like flicking a switch she turned into a happy go lucky little girl living life to its fullest Instead of showing two sides of a complex character the implementation came across as jarring and unbelievableIf the best thing about this book is that Br doesn t know who he is or where he comes from then naturally the book begins to go downhill once he figures out the mystery that is him The magic I experienced in the first couple chapters was lost as Br learned about himself It felt like he was lifting up stone in the desert looking for water but there was nothing but sand Sadly as the stones are lifted Br is perfectly happy with knowing just enough about himself to make him realise he is different but lacks the motivation to figure out HearthExile has no antagonist True there is some big bad guy that is trying to take over the world or destroy the world or something like that but he barely makes an appearance Subtle hints are sprinkled throughout but he never really effects the lives of the characters in any real way except for in the classic final encounter I felt like the book would have been just as strong or maybe even stronger without this slapped together antagonist It was almost like as Br is gallivanting about figuring out who he is M R Jenks decided this book needs an antagonist and thus he was born I saw the potential for this antagonist to effect the story in the long run but there was not enough in this book to make him feel real or relevant in any way Br and friends have a strange sense of urgency that something is afoot Unfortunately that is a very thin thread to stand on as the driving force for an antagonistI have a feeling that there is an evil force I think it wants to destroy the world We had better hurry up and figure out who we are so that we can stop this world destroying monsterIt almost feels like someone running around yelling the sky is falling but instead they are yelling evil is afoot without any real evidence of itDoes Br figure out who he is In a sense Is the evil dealt with not really Is anything dealt with not really The ending of HealthExile falls flat There is a lot of build up to the conclusion and when it comes the book just ends saying thanks for all the fish It s like a story about some crazy scientist trying to figure out how to make a teleportation device He gets it working steps through evil is on his tail and then The EndConclusionHealthExile had a lot of potential A man trying to figure out who he is A fantasy world but not like you would expect The characters are well motivated and engage in the story Sadly the ending leaves too many uestion marks and rampant use of passive voice makes it read like a biography than fantasy literature The story is intriguing but the story telling is unflavourful

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    My ReviewBrinn wakes up in an alleyway without his memory no money in his pocket and nothing but his wits to help him in this strange city Fighting to stay alive sane and find his memory you completely find yours

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    Hearth Exile is most definitely one of those reads that draws you in gradually Set in modern day New York the main character

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    Review originally posted at fantasy tale about amnesia but not alcohol inducedHave you ever had too much to dri

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    I found Exile to be an intriguing read that flowed nicely in the way the knowledge of the situation was given to the reader The characters are realistic and you find yourself caring for their well being You can te