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Inspired by Nature The Garfield Park Conservatory and Chicago's West Side

Urrounding community  This fascinating and comprehensive volume includes historical essays archival photography and plans as well as contemporary color photography by Brook Collins  Inspired by Nature also features vignettes by Chicago Public School students who write about their experiences as members of the Garfield Park Community  A reflection of the passionate interest and partnerships behind the Garfield Park revival as well as a celebration of nature’s important role in people’s lives Inspired by Nature is an essential publication for anyone with an interest in Chicago history urban parks and communities and the botanic splendor of the Garfield Park Conservatory.

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One of the nation’s most stunning and intriguing botanical havens the Garfield Park Conservatory celebrates its one hundredth anniversary in 2008 Often referred to as “landscape art under glass” Jens Jensen’s revolutionary design is a poetic interpretation of his beloved Midwestern landscape as it was in prehistoric times The tropical plantings water features and stonework were in shocking contrast to the showy displays of typical Victorian hothouses and his Conservatory uickly became one of the region’s most captivating attractions   The Conservatory is at the center of a larger story how nature urban design and horticulture helped to shape one of Chicago’s mo.

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St interesting neighborhoods  As early as the 1870s architect and engineer William Le Baron Jenney began the verdant tradition of Chicago’s West Side by designing its seminal park and boulevard system  For than a century ideas and visions of nature have influenced the development of Garfield Park its magnificent conservatory and the surrounding West Side community  Today gardening and the greening movement are a catalyst for reviving this vital part of Chicago Published in honor of the centennial Inspired by Nature blossoms into a living history that looks to the future and covers everything from the history of the conservatory and Garfield Park to the revival of the s.

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    I'm very interested in the West Side neighborhoods and parks so I had to get this Anyone intrigued by it should definitely check out the recent guide Chicago's Urban Nature parks and green spaces all over the cit

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    A history of Garfield Park the GP Conservatory and Chicago's West Side The first two parts are well done the last third seems like a perfunctory synopsis of topics not covered in the first two partsStill I found i

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    I very much enjoyed this book Having lived in Chicagoland less than two years I still feel a novice on Chicago history Driving on Chicago's boulevard system and seeing the massive west side parks made me very curious This book answers my uestions and The writing was solid and the pictures bold If I was the autho

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