(epub) Kenni and the No Results Witch By Talia Hieman

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This book is one in an innovative uniue series of new generation books for children that easily and conveniently brings them the idea of coaching making it accessible The series was lovingly written by Talia Hieman a mother an a.


Kenni and the No Results Witch

Ok addresses a common problem or confronts a difficult situation offering an easy and simple to employ solution presented in a charming children's' story Your child will want to hear about Kenny and his witch over and over again.

Talia Hieman ¼ 1 SUMMARY

Uthor and an ICF coach The idea behind this series is to euip children with real practical means and methods that will help them become efficient and confident happier and successful as well as build up their self esteem Each bo.

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    Kenni is a six year boy who has just begun swimming lessons He also has a witch who shows up at times when Kenni doesn't really want her around Kenni is making little progress with his lessons and is about to uit The witch shows up and encourages him to give up because he is making no progress His swimming instructor gives his mom a magic seed that when watered is supposed to grow The witch smirks as the seed

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    This is not a children's book with a single moral It's a kid's book written to teach positive skillstraits confidence self esteem etc The col