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    We met Barbie and her Uncle Biggs in the first story little girl lost Now they are beginning their life together in their chosen roles They both seem to be very happy with the relationship that is building but Uncle is pressured to enroll Barbie in New Hope's daycare We begin to see now that there is a dark side to the adoption agency I li

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    This is a very good continuation of Little Girl Found as it shows of there life together which includes daycare But not is all that it should be and Barbie and her Uncle have some tough decisions they have to make

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    I have to say that I was pretty stunned by the turn of this story Scary stuff On to the next A little warning this is not your usual age play s

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Grown up girls AND boys It's a new and scary experience for Barbie to be separated from Uncle who she has come to love so much but Uncle must be firmThe first day is made all the worse by Barbie's meeting Ms Hardin who is not at all nice and is in f.

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Life With Uncle

Barbara has become Barbie and has been placed with her new loving uncle Sanford Biggs But as part of their agreement with New Hope Nurseries Barbie must attend day care Day care is a new experience Unlike in her training nursery at day care there are.

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Act very scary But she makes good friends and some new enemiesBut things are not uite as they seem at New Hope nurseries as Barbie and then Sanford Biggs come to realize A rather shocking turn of events forces them both to make some serious decisions.