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K is devoted to a single work and provides a close reading of that text as well as a full account of its historical cultural and intellectual background a discussion of its influence and a guide to further reading The contributors to the series give full consideration to the linguistic issues raised by each text and within the overall framework of the series are given.

Free download Mann Buddenbrooks Landmarks of World Literature

Mann Buddenbrooks Landmarks of World Literature

Complete freedom in the choice of their critical method Where the text is written in a language other than English full account is taken of readers studying the text in English translation While critical jargon is avoided important technical terminology is fully explained and thus this series will be genuinely accessible to students at all levels and to general reade.

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This textbook series is ambitious in scope It provides concise and lucid introductions to major works of world literature from classical antiuity to the twentieth century It is not confined to any single literary tradition or genre and will cumulatively form a substantial library of textbooks on some of the most important and widely read literary masterpieces Each boo.

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    Started reading this during a group read of Buddenbrooks I did finish the novel but not this bookI think from the parts I read and scanned and from its description as part of a textbook series that the audience for the book would not be real wide; but if a person were a reading the novel and b either i a Junior in college or higher majoring in Literature of some sort or ii a fairly accomplished reader with an interest in literary

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    Instant favourite that I will want to read again and again

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