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Summary Media and Health

Eale goes further than previous textbooks critiuing the lament of media health promoters in order to explore the moralisation and commercialisation of media health' Dr Annette Hill University of Westminster How are health matters presented by the mass media How accurate are the messages we are receiving This book demonstrates how health messages in popular mass media are important influences in our lives and that they are not neutral being subject to many determining influences It demonstrates the importance of mass media for understanding the experience of illness health and health care bringing together the latest thinking in the field of media studies and the sociology of health and illnessThis book provides a thorough review of research literature on media representations of health illness and health care covering.

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Media and Health

Their production characteristic forms and relationships with the everyday lives of media audiences It brings together both well known and lesser known studies in the context of an integrated sociological argument about media and healthMedia producers are subject to a variety of influences from medical lobbies scientific organizations and not least the commercial pressure to satisfy media saturated audiences These mean that aims of health promoters are not always easily achieved leading to considerable tensions that reuire a deeper understanding of media health than has hitherto been applied to themThis book will be essential reading for health educators and promoters as well as health care providers interested in the cultural aspects of health sociologists of health and illness and students and academics of media studi.

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`This book appears to fill a substantial gap in the literature at present There are uite simply no books available which engage seriously and competently with the presentation of health issues in the media and certainly none which focuses on representations of health and illness in as thematically coherent a manner as Seale proposes to do' Richard Gwyn University of Cardiff `This is an excellent resource for students It provides a comprehensive review of secondary literature in the field and is very well researched Students of sociology of health and illness and in media and communication studies will find the book invaluable' David Oswell Goldsmiths College University of London `This is a comprehensive work on media health providing an invaluable toolkit for understanding health and the media in contemporary society S.