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Main has brought together a collection of delicious recipes that will bring her family table to yours From street food to traditional ranch food Mexican sandwiches to tortillas the chapters of My Abuelo's Mexican Feast are based around the different stages of her Abuelo's life where the recipes are paired with brief anecdotes of his life Man.

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My Abuelos Mexican Feast

A personal approach to Mexican food through the eyes of an admiring granddaughterDiscover a life's worth of Mexican food in My Abuelo's Mexican Feast a beautifully illustrated cookbook that reveals the heart of Mexico through authentic dishes and fond memories of a beloved grandfather With the help of her mother Elsa illustrator Daniella Ger.

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Y recipes are original copied down by Daniella's Abuelo in his early years while others are inspired by a lifestyle that her parents experienced growing up in MexicoMy Abuelo's Mexican Feast is an authentic look at the food of Mexico going to the soul of Mexican cooking and family life that will resonate with people in any corner of the worl.

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