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    ”It is often said that ‘women deceive men’ But from my experience I’d say that it doesn’t start with th

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    Naomi is Junichiro Tanizaki’s stunningly evocative work exhibiting a man’s romantic erotic obsession with his unfaithful wife “I wanted to boast to everyone “This woman is mine Take a look at my treasure” This is a tale of

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    One twothree The nimble feet glide effortlessly to the choreographed beats smooth flowing movements inviting the grace of the translucent skin embracing the rhythmic spin the soft camellia lips flutter in couettish whispersthe extravagance of the feline eyes prosper in the richness of the silk delicately stretche

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    I write this with my experience as an Asian woman and my connection to South Korea in mind; but the broader fascination of

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    Two of the last few novels I’ve read revolve around a man in his 30’s becoming erotically obsessed with a much younge

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    1 foolish starWhat the hell did I just read??No Why the hell did I even bother to read this book at all???God s

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    Joji is a 28 year old salaryman a former country gentleman now in Tokyo who becomes smitten with a 15 year old Eurasian looking cafe

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    355If one wishes to render a portrait of an egotistical tantrum one simply needs to tell a grown man no and only no Various demographical and self reflexive factors interact with this situation of course but the gist of it for a long time now has been that normality is artificial and the obsession with demonizing the used stems from nothing t

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    The literal translation of the original 痴人の愛 would be Idiot's Love but this might not sound very attractive to English speaking people; Idiotic Love or Foolish Love might work but using the main female character's name is an acceptable alternative I read this in Japanese and I am not familiar with any of the English translation It l

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    Not without its charms this is the deflating story of a sad sack fellow who takes a 15 year old Westernish looking Japanese girl under his wing cultivates her into ambiguously Westernizing Japanese culture of the 1920s 30s marries her and then watches helplessly as she screws pretty much everyone she meetsNaomi is curious and not a little infuriating which is part of the fun The narrator obviously an idiot who knows it well is so obsessed

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Junichiro Tanizaki’s Naomi is both a hilarious story of one man’s obsession and a brilliant reckoning of a nation’s cultural confusion   When twenty eight year old Joji first lays eyes upon the teenage waitress Naomi he is instantly smitten. One twothree The nimble feet glide effortlessly to the choreographed beats smooth flowing movements inviting the grace of the translucent skin embracing the rhythmic spin the soft camellia lips flutter in couettish whispersthe extravagance of the feline eyes prosper in the richness of the silk delicately stretched on the supple breasts swaying the vile sensuality on the genteel dance floors of El Dorado The music stops The moist palm slips away from the slender waist To the shrill of an encore the music begins again There she goes groaned the man hunched on a chair in a forlorn corner There she goesMy Mary Pickfordmy treasured diamondmy Nao chan Everyone called her Nao chan When I asked about it one day I learned that her real name was Naomi written with three Chinese characters A splendid name I thought written in Roman letters it could be a Western name The allure of the child woman in the cafes of Ginza pristine not yet polluted by worldly malevolence animates the humdrum existence of Kawai Joji a twenty something engineer For the inhibited gentleman brimming with social insecurities Nao chan was a barren canvas waiting to be painted in the Western flamboyancy The lost young bird becomes a valued pet to a man who yearns to release his inadeuacies and long harboured dreams of acceptance in social hierarchy a far cry from the social currency of being a discomfited country bumpkin To say that Joji fell in love with Naomi at the very first instance is overturned by the potent magnetism of Joji being besotted by the mere Westernized ring to the name Naomi and the recurrent comparison to his beloved Mary Pickford The faint shades of addiction to Naomi leisurely climb the monochromatic ladder of obsession for Western culture and to rectify personal shortcomings by moulding oneself through the physicality of a new adored maturing body overpowered by behavioural prism Fixated on the aura of screen idols like Gloria Swanson Mary Pickford and the gratification derived from the adhered chimera of Western lifestyles Joji s aspiration to create a Westernized prototype thrives on his worship of the Naomi s lithe sexuality and adolescent psyche The preposterous dream fostering the hedonism of Western culture sparkling with an exotic power and glamour becomes a gateway to lessen Joji s incompetence in trying to fit in a changing world My heart was a battleground for the conflicting emotions of disappointment and love The naive bird flapped its wings eager to fly in the air of modernity burgeoning desires outgrew the monotony of the modest birdcage and the avian wonder surpassed the wit of the benefactor Naomi s maturity evoked through the exactness of a Eurasian woman embodies the cultural vagueness perceived by the society confronted by the practise of two polarised lifestyles in a homogenous subsistence Irrationality of love coupled with uncouth fascination and social uselessness deepens the sensibilities of love and lust encircling the predicament of chastity Would I call Joji a decent man Is he the illustrious Humbert to the seditious Lolita The imminent answers seem to be modified under the existing challenges of Joji modifying his young love into a woman who sparkles through the lens of modernity Joji s loyalty to Naomi is well accounted for yet his fondness charts an egotistical naturalness that accompanies the reins of addiction ensnared by the collision of two different worlds encompassing two dissimilar sexes The greatest weakness of Japanese women is that they lack confidence As a result they look timorous compared to the Western women For the modern beauty an Intelligent uick witted expressions and attitude are important than lovely features The wide reaching ideology of modan gaaru or mo ga highly structured within Tanizaki s prose becomes the crucial dais depicting the bemusement over accommodating two vastly different cultures minimizing the social gap between the Eastern and Western civilizing standardizations Tanizaki illuminates the 1920 s Japanese society booming in the modernity of the so called Jazz age thronged with the flapper generation The bourgeoisie consumerism reflected through the chic standard of living and the indispensable liberation from a traditionalist society Joji s predicament over Naomi s nurtured polymorphous personality signifies the broad spectrum chaos revolving around the exposure to Westernization and the adherence to the peripheral illusion that the Western world brings to the unacuainted Joji s hypocritical stance flashes through his fear of the Naomi s Westernised demeanour and the lack of adherence to conservative dogmas Joji becomes a classic case of men who desire their women to acuire the Western cultural essence prearranging the ways which still dominate the conservative home grown cultural norms restricting the operational lifestyle to egoistical desires The battle of sexes emerging from the volatile deliberations between emancipation of love vs of emancipation of sexual desires overpowers the relationship coordination of Joji and Naomi disuieting the balance of power between the societal gradation in dominance of man and the subservience of a woman Joji s uncertainties on losing his own individuality in the domination of Naomi s rambunctious feral persona and reverting back to the age old Japanese s is plausible however I ponder the favourable possibility of the stakes being reversed crucially legitimizing a of an old fashioned attitude The irresistible appeal to the coined Naoism embodies cultural ambiguity unearthing the recognition of power and essence of sensuality engulfing the desire to fit in a Western lifestyle The precious sacred ground of her skin had been imprinted forever with the muddy tracks of two thieves The stance of promiscuity lurks from the multifarious triad of sexuality eroticism and romance Sexual autonomy exercised by Naomi on the realization of her sexual desires embryonic within her feminine voluptuousness is labelled as the vulgar peril of the Western culture Tanizaki cautiously cultivates the ascending nature of sexuality through vivid subtleties of eroticisms Joji s ritual of bathing Naomi the foreplay imitations of horseback rides insinuating sexual prowess and the pleasure derived from shaving her body carves a narrow alley that houses fragile residential berths of sexual duplicity The concept of sexual perversion intimately associates with sexual emancipation with vulgarity taking a high stand in the delusion of the Western vices Satirically the term harlot coagulates the sexist pigeonhole of gender specific terminology Tanizaki once again highlights the uandary faced in the patriarchal society where sexual freedom is viewed as a man s prerogative the same courtesy bestowed in gender supremacyThe ample urge of social and not personal modification in the cultural demeanour and reception signifies the puzzlement of a society and its populace jammed in between the recklessness of half wit sensitivity to the liberation of a foreign culture and the reluctance to the claustrophobic existence in the home grown conventional dogmas Joji along with Naomi are Tanizaki s treasured pictograms of a nascent mentality gripping the loose ends of two miscellaneous worlds balancing the societal dispute of rank peculiarities gender discrepancies and cultural practices There s nothing to be done when one loses confidence in one s self Tanizaki s poised pr cis lay bare the vicious dominance of love when inundated in the vigour of passionate compulsion dissolves the fragile individuality of the one who helms the reins of obsession fearing the annihilation of the everlasting love mirage The infantilized mode discovered a twisted yet amorous sense of belonging irrespective to conjugal distortion and consensual acuiescence I m in love with Naomi Ms NaomifoolishGeorge the photographic illustrations are captured from the inspired movie Chijin no ai A Fool s Love 1967

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痴人の愛 Chijin no Ai

Promise to mold her into his ideal companion But as she grows older Joji discovers that Naomi is far from the naïve girl of his fantasies And in Tanizaki’s masterpiece of lurid obsession passion uickly descends into comically helpless masochis. 355If one wishes to render a portrait of an egotistical tantrum one simply needs to tell a grown man no and only no Various demographical and self reflexive factors interact with this situation of course but the gist of it for a long time now has been that normality is artificial and the obsession with demonizing the used stems from nothing than said calcified reality of whose word becomes law Men gave rights to women men never should have been in the position to give rights in the first placeI said in a status that this book is a great litmus test and this holds true because in the end who takes J ji seriously By seriously I mean his spoiled insecurity wherein he refuses to converse with his peers of eual social status instead of obsessing over someone whose station in life entails she is as literally trapped by him as he pathetically pretends to be by her Fetishism is the art of the powerful imagining they are anything but in control of every aspect of the fetishized and building up an underage girl whom society would not mind seeing raped andor murdered andor swallowed whole as a goddess of temptation is nothing than a self absorbed dictator obscenely taking their power for granted Education is the stuff of the rest of one s life so why all the bafflement when a girl child shut up in a cage of dehumanizing lust made to perform for financial security uickly learns it is always good to have a back up life or two or three And why would someone keep to the truth when the truth is enforced isolation with a slavering patriarch in a life that acts out Ibsen s A Doll s House from a different angle and in a sense higher stakesI make it a rule to never pity the person in power for the fact that Naomi isn t beaten or successfully caged and doesn t end up in some back alley with her throat slit doesn t make J ji anything worth humanizing for he merely refuses on one level at least to do various things that society would love to let him get away with Until that changes what is bred in the powerless cannot be blamed on the individual alone for it is not absolute powerlessness that corrupts absolutelyI euivocate about the rating between the positive remembrance of The Makioka Sisters a facile time of fitting the words to my purposes and some truly vicious status uo upholding reviews that find easy purchase in this rather noncommittal piece of work Much as what happened in On Beauty The Age of Innocence and what I hope upon rereading to happen in Lolita the obsessed over with no voice speaks clearly enough to make a person of flesh and blood however much the audience constructed saintwhore dichotomy mewls and pukes otherwise As such the book is useful enough for my purposes but the same cannot be said about its other readers What with the mainstream enamorment with noncritical adulation of the machine of the state and recent events fated to make that state an even efficiently murderous contraption I ll be needing my energy for activities other than wasting it on sea lions playing pretend denying what they have been artificially rendered as capable of on the grounds that they haven t done it yet The US is the only country in the world that doesn t have a bill of rights for those under eighteen and the fact that Naomi is received with hatred and objectification simply ensures her real life descendants will continue to be bought and sold on the market of might makes right Poor J ji having his pedophilic purchase backfire on him Poor J ji should never have been in the position to purchase J ji you have no right to be angry however cold I may be You re taking everything you can from me Aren t you satisfied with that

free download è eBook or Kindle ePUB ë Junichirō Tanizaki

By her exotic almost Western appearance Determined to transform her into the perfect wife and to whisk her away from the seamy underbelly of post World War I Tokyo Joji adopts and ultimately marries Naomi paying for English and music lessons that. 1 foolish starWhat the hell did I just readNo Why the hell did I even bother to read this book at allGod seriously I hated everything about this bookThis book was exactly like what the original title said or often translated as A Fool s Love J ji was a lunatic masochist I don t understand what the hell did he see on NaomiHe would just do anything Naomi asked for although she really was so lazy useless ungrateful bitchNaomi was an ungrateful shameless useless selfish good foor nothing bitch I didn t find anything good in her Seriously she didn t even have a good education but yet she was so successfully lured all those idiot men into her trap I HATE HER SO MUCH At first this story was started out good and I found very interesting But then this Naomi bitch started to pissed me off so I decided to leave this book on paused for monthsAfter months abandoned this book I felt bad because I hate to DNF a book especially the ones I bought in physical copy The reason I bought this book in the first place was just because it was on sale in the bookstoreThe praises about this book that were written in the back cover was also motivated me to buy this But now I ve read this book I found all those praises were just a lie I didn t enjoy this book At AllI couldn t be grateful to finally able to finish this book