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Entiality and actuality as well as the way each of them applies or does not apply to the sensible realm to the intelligible realm and to matter  While the structure of the text unfolds in a coherent and cohesive manner Plotinus’ writing in this treatise is dense and at times dry in its technicality The detailed commentary guides the reader step by step making an otherwise particularly difficult text accessible  .

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The term dunamis potentiality entered into the philosophical vocabulary with Plato but it was with Aristotle that it acuired together with energeia actuality the strong technical meaning that the two terms have maintained with variations throughout subseuent philosophical tradition  The significance of the notions of actuality and potentiality in Plotinus’ thought can hardly be overstated Throughout the Enneads the.

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Y are crucial to understanding the specific causality of intelligible realities and the relation of participation between intelligible and sensible realms  In Ennead II5 Plotinus for the first time provides a systematic clarification of his peculiar use of these terms through a sustained revision of Aristotle’s own elaboration of the topic and of his terminology The treatise discusses the different meanings of pot.