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As une lettre comme tu en écrirais à tes parents s’ils vivaient encore» Pour Jerusha Abbott jeune orpheline élevée entre les murs d’un respectable et ennuyeux foyer la proposit. Joudy abott my old friend

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Daddy Long Legs

«Un bienfaiteur ui désire rester anonyme offre de t’envoyer à l’université En échange tu lui écriras chaue mois une lettre donnant des détails sur tes études et ta vie là b. WARNING To follow is a highly illustrative reviewplot summary of the book Daddy Long LegsAs a kid I totally loved the cartoon Judy I actually miss it sometimes but then thanks to Goodreads I discovered that it all started with a bookJerusha Abbott is an orphan at the John Grier Homes She always gets into trouble and has been overstaying for two years She works her stay by taking care of the younger ones She s actually scared that they might turn her out but one day Miss Lippet calls Jerusha to her office On her way she sees a man s shadow who appears to have extremely long legsAs she enters Miss Lippet s office Miss Lippet tells her that she is to be sent to college by an anonymous man whom she could call Mr John Smith which is of course is an aliasJerusha is very thankful She sends Mr John Smith letters on almost about anything ranging from her studies and silly exploits and how a foundling like her strives to keep the secret of her roots The letters some silly some serious some showing what she learns but all are funny and touchingShe calls him Daddy Long Legs since his shadow is all that she could tell of him She does very well at school ends up being called Judy and gains friends Sally Mc Bride the one with glasses and Julia Pendleton blonde But despite the constant sending of Mr John Smith of gifts she can t help but be depressed writing to someone who never writes back A girl couldn t help but cryAh hah Then she meets Jervis Pendleton a rich uncle of her classmate Julia Pendleton Jervis understands her and in some way they have the same flow of thinkingBut somehow along the way she happens to fall in love with him despite the 14 years age gap And ah the ending is so refreshing I remember feeling the same amount of lightheartedness because the ending is so touchingAnd now that it s over I look wistfully like thisWell not as cute as that but teary eyed since my longing for the cartoon is somehow eased but still thereDaddy Long Legs is a sweet tale not just of romance but also how an orphan girl strives and blends in the normal world Judy is a heroine that is very admirable and whom everyone must set an example of She is strong and hardworking And her roots never interfered with her dreams and she somehow made it an inspiration to aim higher And also she is not perfect and as she constantly points out she is just a girl of whom all of us could relate toBut somehow I couldn t get enough of this so off to get a copy of the seuel Dear EnemyBut who is Daddy Long Legs Read to find out D

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Ion est aussi surprenante u’inespérée Elle accepte de bonne grâce de se plier aux exigences de son mystérieux tuteur auuel elle a donné le surnom affectueux de Papa Longues Jambe. Note Sept 12 2016 I edited this review just now to correct the misspelling of tonsillitisBefore this book was nominated as a common read in my Vintage Tales group I d never even heard of it or of Jean Webster 1876 1916 Going into it my expectations weren t particularly high As it turned out though I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the reading experienceThough not well known today Webster wrote roughly a score of books in her short lifetime she died on the cusp of 40 From this book it s clear that she belongs to the Realist tradition though unlike the regionalist Realists of that day she doesn t at least here go in for a sense of place or regional dialect the geographic location of the orphanage where foundling Jerusha Judy Abbott grows up and of the women s college she eventually attends are left indeterminate The premise here in some ways though not others is similar to a distaff version of Great Expectations a disadvantaged adolescent is befriended and raised in station by an anonymous benefactor whose deliberately concealed identity creates an element of mystery she knows only that he s a trustee of the orphanage The book title comes from his tall frame and long limbs which on the one occasion at the beginning of the book where she caught a passing glimpse of his back made his shadow resemble a daddy long legs Unlike Pip s benefactor however Judy s influenced by reports from her teachers that she s intelligent and has writing talent puts most of his benevolence into educating her rather than showering her with spending money though she gets a decent amount of the latterMost of the book is written in the epistolary style consisting of letters written by Judy to the eponymous Daddy Long Legs as directed by the terms of her arrangement with him which also stipulate that he won t reply to her so it s a one sided correspondence Epistolary novels fell out of favor later in the 20th century and may have an unfamiliar feel to a generation that seldom writes paper letters But even for modern readers the style and diction is lively and humorous the subjects wide ranging and interesting it s both a fascinating window into early 20th century college and social life seen through the eyes of a keen observer who s used to being an outsider and a vehicle for social criticism and theologicalphilosophical reflection one suspects that Judy s views mirror Webster s But it s also a wonderful character study of a thoroughly likable infectiously enthusiastic girl who s apt to steal your heart Yes she has her moments in the dumps too and times when she can be tactless that just means she s human like the rest of us She IS a college girl though learning a college girl s vocabulary so there are occasional big words here If one or two are unfamiliar to a reader it s just a chance to build ones own vocabularyNaturally being a different person than Judy is I didn t agree with all of her opinions My religious attitudes are different from her essentially secular ones though I m no enad of the grim handed down Puritanism of rural New England than she is and while I approve of her feminism her Fabian Socialism hasn t worn well over the ensuing century which saw the horrors of the Socialist experiment of European and Asiatic Communism and the melt down of the former But her attitudes are realistic for a young person of her background being college educated in the height of the Progressive era and in many of the ways that she looks at life I can recognize that she s wise and perceptive Many readers will tumble onto a particular plot point much sooner than Judy does I did for instance but no spoiler here But I don t see this as a defect it imparts an added element of fun to the book if we re in on something Judy doesn t know Since the usual treatment for tonsillitis is amputation it s hard to picture her having it twice and it s also hard to imagine a high school graduate not knowing that Shelley was a poet or that Henry VIII was married than once But these are minor uibblesMy main problem with the book which cost it the fifth star is the fact that for me Judy s benefactor came across as a bit too distant with his policy of strict secrecy about his identity and refusal to answer her letters and too bossy and controlling at several junctures He communicates his wishes through his secretary To her credit though she defies his bossiness on a couple of points and makes her own decision The whole situation of course becomes complicated than it starts out and if our title character had handled the arrangement sensibly the book wouldn t have the same distinctive feel and flavor But to me it was still a bit off putting That didn t keep me from really liking the bookWebster wrote a seuel to this novel Dear Enemy At this point I wouldn t seek it out as such I m trying not to get sucked into commitments to series and seuels right now But if I ran across a copy of it I d give it a read

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    I highly recommend that men DON'T read this and I highly recommend that women particularly girls who enjoy Little Women Jane Eyre Sense and Sensibility Pride and Prejudice etc basically old fashioned chick flick books with substance DO read this It's sweet and funny and different not hard to get through in a day or two and leaves you with a good feeling

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    Daddy Long Legs is a delightful short novel written in 1912 Basically it's along the lines of Anne Shirley goes to

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    WARNING To follow is a highly illustrative reviewplot summary of the book Daddy Long LegsAs a kid I totally loved the cartoon Judy I actually miss it sometimes but then thanks to Goodreads I discovered that it all started with a bookJerusha Abbott is an orphan at the John Grier Homes She always gets into trouble and has been overstaying for two years She works her stay by taking care of the younger ones She's actually scared tha

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    Joudy abott my old friend

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    You should read this review if1 You haven’t read this book and need to know why you shouldor2 You’ve read this book but need to know about the connection between Daddy Long Legs and JD SalingerOkay or 3 Regardless of whether or not you’ve read this book you now think I’ve been smoking something I shouldn’t have been Please read this review so I can convince you otherwise Thank youThere is something to be said for not ha

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    It's probably one of those sad things about me that I take rootless interest in people I don't know and do a whole lot of aimless w

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    This book's title initially sounded creepy to me I live in a basement full of daddy long legs spiders but this is actually a really fun creative little book that while somewhat implausible still holds up very well This is particularly due to its protagonist whose personality spills out on almost every page This book is one of many from a bygone time where orphaned protagonists get a new chance at life but Daddy Long Legs also features a mys

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    Note Sept 12 2016 I edited this review just now to correct the misspelling of tonsillitisBefore this book was nomi

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    I found Daddy Long Legs courtesy of the lovely ladies over at Young Adult Anonymous and then devoured it in one sitting it is free for Kindle though devoid of illustrations Published in 1912 it is a series of letters from the fictional Jerusha Judy Abbott to the mysterious benefactor who plucks her from an orphanage and

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    Relived one of my favorite childhood cartoons with this one it was such a light and good read exactly what you need when the exams are around the corner and you need something funny to lift your mood I would recommend this for women and girls who like chick lit books and did I mention that it was written in 1912 Thank you Jean Webster for writing a timeless piece As for the characters I loved each and every one;Judy AbbottA super cheerfu

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