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The saga of a mad prophet consumed by an evil darkness in this presentation of Renfield from writer G.

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Renfield A Tale of Madness

Ary Reed Deadworld Daker Street and artist Galen Showman Hellboy Justice League As the tale of the bu.

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G eating inmate in Bram Stoker's Dracula unfolds a man descends into passion against his own humanity.

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    You can count on Gary Reed for solid story throughout interpretations of classics or of actual history he keeps the flavor of the subject AND freestyles with panache Make sure to read his interesting and informative post

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    I can't find it in me to actually dislike this book as so much love obviously went into it Sadly though that doesn't make it all it aspires to be It is perhaps telling that the authour is the publisher and that the editor i

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    I found Renfield A Tale of Madness to be very uneven There were moments of brilliance and the art was incredibly striking but the writing varied wildly in my opinion Partially this may be because of the way the book was constructed both in the fact that it combined excerpts from Stoker's original narrative with t