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  • Paperback
  • 430
  • Secret of Bog Lane
  • Americo Tulipano
  • English
  • 10 December 2019
  • 9781557789006

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    The Secret of Bog Lane is a gripping novel that weaves together two stories from two entirely different parts of the world The setting a uiet peaceful neighborhood in Plymouth MA is darkened by a horrible secret

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    I got an autographed copy of this book while visiting Plymouth I put off reading it for a few years because I was

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    Thought provoking thriller with a powerful message and a shattering climax

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Secret of Bog Lane

Rmously enlarged basement that contains a vast tropical garden This underground jungle is the first in a series of strange turns that increasingly mystify and imperil the home’s new occupants Thousands of miles away deep in the rain forest an American explorer renews his relationship with an isolated tribe of people known as Inucans They give him a hero’s welcome and their veneration only grows when he promises to rid the Inucans of all disease and make them the envy of all.

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In a historic American town on a dead end road named Bog Lane a spacious home goes up for sale Located near Cape Cod Bay the house comes with six acres of lush woodlands Its owner a wealthy geologist instructs a real estate agent to sell the place at a substantially reduced price as uickly as possible The geologist then sets off for Brazil on urgent business The extraordinary deal lures a hard working couple and their son to Bog Lane When they explore the house they find an eno.

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Nations But the Inucan chief and a Bolivian nurse who lives with the tribe wonder how the visitor intends to achieve these goals They gradually come to realize that the American is the harbinger of something far less benign than wishful promisesThe Secret of Bog Lane unfolds in present day Brazil and Massachusetts The people in both locations are in grave danger as they face an evil that is as ancient as the Tower of Babel and as modern as the most advanced scientific technolo.