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Seven Days at the ULH Bark #2

Look pretty good Unfortunately betrayal is in the air as one of their own plots to sell everyone else to the highest bid.

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Der Can Bark save the ULH from the enemy within Will he die protecting the woman he loves Find out in this exciting seue.

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Bark returns as a full student of the United League of Heroes Though there are some struggles Barks life is starting to.

About the Author: Daniel J. Peyton

My name is Daniel Jo Peyton I was born in 1982 in Stillwater Oklahoma home town of OSU My life there was as basic as anyone living on the flat lands of the Midwest baking in the sun freezing in the winters running from tornadoes in the between and enjoying the vast expanse of life around youI grew up with an older brother who was into sports than I a father who was a pastor and also

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