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In a country torn apart Brandt Michaels serves the Union Behind enemy lines he expects the danger of Confederate skirmishers and swamps Instead he finds himself bewitched by a beautiful woman igniting his passion beyond anything he's ever known But he soon learns her coy games are only a dist.

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Shadows Of A Southern Moon

Raction as she secretly devises a deadly trap for his capture Elizabeth DuBay is determined to teach that Yankee a thing or two Denying her attraction to the Union officer she devises a sure fire plan to foil his mission But the moment Elizabeth surrenders to her burning desire for one unforg.

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Ettable night of love her life changes forever As her well set trap closes in on Brandt Michaels Elizabeth must risk everything for his escape From their perilous journey through war ravaged countryside springs a passion too strong for the war to destroyand too consuming for the lovers to den.

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    This was a pleasant surprise I had never heard of Meg Hennesey before; I started reading this not expecting much as I was in need of a pallete clenser since the book I had read before was so intense Boy was I fooled This is an excellent story that kept me clued to the pages from start to finish It's a civil war story with the hero fighting for the Union and the heroine pure Rebel to the core The secondary characters a

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    I loved this book A great civil war romance right there with heather graham trilogy nan ryan's civil war romances candice proctor's ' midnight confessions' and few others great civil war romances That was one of the first few romances I read back 2 years ago that gave me back the taste of romance again I stopped reading romances in 2000 after 19 years because of the use of the same plot devices and jerks for heroes Here is the review I w

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    Though I don't usually read Civil War era romance novels I am so glad I decided to give this one a try Fastpaced and gripping I simply could not put it down

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