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CHARACTERS State and Peasant in the Ottoman Empire

Cial demand did not result in the disruption of the integrity of the small peasant holding as the primary unit of production The book develops these arguments in the context of a detailed empirical study of the economic trends of the state rules or institutions that embodied the relations of revenue extraction and of exchange in Ottoman Anatol.

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State and Peasant in the Ottoman Empire

State and Peasant in the Ottoman Empire studies the dynamics of Ottoman peasant economy in the sixteenth century First it shows that contrary to the conventional wisdom about the 'stationariness'of the Asian agrarian economies Ottoman peasant economy witnessed substantial growth in response to population increase urban commercial expansion and.

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To increased taxation demands Second the book argues that economic development did not take place independently of political structures of the state This meant that in the light of the fiscal and legitimation concerns of the Ottoman state and contrary to the assumptions of the models of economic development changes in population and in commer.

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