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The Techniues of Glass Engraving

G andsandblasting This book is one of the very few on the practical aspectsof this craft of interest to student and the interested public alikeComprehensive information examples and exercises for the student areall accompanied with clear photographs of work in progress and thefinished it.

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S of today It is now 4 colour throughout withsuperb new images illustrating the work of a new generation ofcontemporary glass engravers The many techniues covered includecopper wheel engraving synthetic wheel engraving cut glass brilliantcutting diamond point drill engraving glass etchin.

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The Techniues of Glass Engraving by Peter Dreiser and thelate Jonathan Matcham is a classic uniue in its field Considered thedoyen of British glass engravers Peter Dreiser has fully updated thetext for this second edition with Katharine Coleman one of the leadingcontemporary glass artist.

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    Excellent primer to glass engraving from beginner to advanced techniues including things like how to make a glass engraving lathe and wheels an

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