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E 'Oxford Book of English Verse' and less than salubrious hat are celebrated here in this first omnibus edition which includes Rumpole of the Bailey The Trials of Rumpole and Rumpole's Return. Once you read one Rumpole story you re hooked Before I read any Rumpole at all I saw an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey on PBS starring Leo McKern as the man himself In later episodes his real life daughter portrayed Liz Probert The entire series was very true to the stories and I ve reserved them all on NetflixGreat great reading especially if you re a fan of British mysteries I read them all over and over again


N the tender gloaming of each evening via Pommeroy's and a glass of Chateau Fleet Street to she who must be obeyed The answer is Horace Rumpole whose legal triumphs plundering sorties into th. My dad who passed away from Parkinson s in 2004 was a Los Angeles area trial lawyer of sufficient note to have received a brief write up in Newsweek during the early 70s for persuading a jury to award some 50 million in damages 15 million of which were punitive over a large clothing corporation s theft of his client s patented method for holding up ladies hosiery Alas after an appeals court ruled it excessive neither my dad nor his client who had lived out of his car and occasionally borrowed money from my dad in order to survive during the 14 or so years the case was being litigated ever realized than a tiny fraction of that 50 million but the very fact that a jury had called for 15 million in punitive damages an unheard amount at the time at the very least demonstrated that my dad was pretty damn good in a courtroomMy dad had an outgoing and charismatic personality that enabled him to charm juries over to his side in an argument He also had a knack for remembering names and a habit of commenting favorably on people s appearance which won him lots of favors from courthouse clerks and other personnel The youngest of three boys he had that ability to charm that many a family s youngest child cultivates and exploits from infancyFrom an early age it was obvious that I a suarely middle child had inherited none of these traits Despite that he always pushed me towards a legal career and my insistence on becoming a journalist a profession he disdained was just one of a myriad of ways I disappointed him over the yearsIt wasn t really that I didn t care to spend my life writing legal briefs although I can t imagine a tedious existence nor was it the fact that I had no desire to put in the years of study reuired to obtain a law degree and pass the bar Rather my late sixties slightly radical self had issues with what I believed a lawyer had to be in order to be successful calculating manipulative a bit shifty My dad s stories about courtroom tricks like the defense attorney who inserted a wire into his cigar so that the jury would be transfixed by the ever lengthening ash rather than a witness s testimony didn t help Not only did these stories offend my naively altruistic sensibilities but they helped persuade me that I could never be a successful attorney I m much better now thank you Dale Carnegie but at the time I couldn t manipulate my way out of a paper bag let alone win friends and influence people skillsets essential for a trial lawyerThus the closest I ve ever come to practicing law is providing my attorney with written testimony about whatever legal situation I happened to be in at the time and having him say Great We ll just go with this Skipping ahead to the year 2020 my wife and I are driving down Periwinkle Way making our way off Sanibel Island along Florida s Gulf Coast when I spot a brightly tropical colored but otherwise nondescript bookstore and as we re both almost through the books we brought with us for this two week vacation decide to pull inBy all means if you enjoy a good mystery and ever find yourself on Sanibel stop into Gene s Books You will be overwhelmed by what s certainly one of the planet s most extensive selections of mystery novels and anthologies You ll find an entire wall devoted to Agatha Christie along with shelf after shelf of British mysteries nearly as many US mysteries regional mysteries from Florida the Caribbean Africa and just about anywhere else you can name books you ll never find on or at Barnes Noble and all at discount pricesIt s my habit once I find an author I like to buy and read everything he or she has ever written That s why I ve stayed away from Ann Cleves the author of Shetland and Vera two of my wife s and my favorite British crime series and PD James acknowledged as one of the all time great writers of mystery fiction I m trying to keep my impulse to buy books under control at least until I ve caught up a bit and there s little doubt that one Cleves or James purchase in the end turn into dozens and dozens of books if not their entire oeuvreI was on the verge of getting out of Gene s Books unscathed when John Mortimer s The First Rumpole Omnibus caught my eye It was a thick new but shelf worn paperback the second and third omnibuses shouldn t that be omnibi were far pristine and despite my fetish for mint condition books it was intriguing enough for me to examine it closely On the back cover theThe New York Times blurb read worthy of comparison to PG Wodehouse The Boston Globe raved Mortimer has created one of the legendary fictional detectives a barrister who s as much Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot Okay sold It takes very little for me to rationalize buying a book so I did I ve been wanting to read Wodehouse I ve read and loved all the Poirot and Sherlock Holmes stories and if Rumpole according to the Globe manages to combine those guys with lawyering how could I resist Besides I d need something for the plane and this sounded promising both in the short term and later when I could conceivably convince my sure to be reluctant wife she doesn t appreciate British humor the way I do to binge watch the BBC series Rumple of the Bailey Then there was the fact that Gene s was offering it at 998 a full 1202 off the publisher s price Rationalization accomplished I found it impossible to walk away Omnibus no 1 includes two short story collections Rumpole of the Bailey and The Trials of Rumpole and the short novel Rumpole s Return Each of the short stories is about a half hour read and while episodic in nature flows one into the other like chapters in a novel As the stories progress and you become increasingly familiar with the rascally rumpled Rumpole you ll find yourself wishing you could sit down with him and enjoy a cigar and a glass of Pomeroy s Plonk while listening to him recite Wordsworth or bitch about She Who Must Be ObeyedThese are not whodunits Though many of the stories have surprising and clever twists the real mystery to be solved is how Rumpole a criminal defense lawyer is going to get his often guilty clients off either easily or completely while still maintaining the legal profession s ethics pretty much the only ethics he really cares about Things don t always work out Rumpole sometimes screws up he s not always able to sell his clients on his preferred approach to arguing their case he sometimes loses cases he would have won had he been less stubbornly principled He can be caustic condescending lazy bumbling unsanitary a lousy father and a worse husband but he s also wise unpretentious moral witty and clever It wouldn t be beyond him to thread a wire through the middle of his cigarMore Faulty Towers than Monty Python House than Law and Order Rumpole manages to evoke out loud laughter even on airplanes At the same time though it raises serious uestions of law and morality and for the curious helps readers understand what makes trial lawyers tick I understand my dad a bit better after reading it and that s all the rationalization I need to purchase Omnibuses Omnibi nos 2 3

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Who rose to enduring fame on Blood and Typewriters told the pregnant Portia of the Chambers it would come out in the end advised Guthrie Featherstone C to adopt a judicial attitude returned i. I have been a fan of Horace Rumpole for many years and I re read the books on a regular basis Even when you know what happens the stories are still good reading and I often notice little things that I missed on previous readings This omnibus contains Rumpole of the Baily The Trials of Rumpole and Rumpole s Return The first two consist of six short stories each and the third is a novel though it does contain than one case Rumpole of the Bailey was the first of the Rumpole books and contains a couple of the most iconic stories Rumpole and the Younger Generation in which one of the younger members of the Timson family that famous family of South London villainsis in the dock for a crime that maybe he didn t commit In this story we learn that Rumpole is sixty eight and still a practicing barrister though he is writing his memoirs and looking back on his cheuered career From there on the chronology of the later stories can be a little hit and miss but the stories themselves are never less than entertainingThe other story in this first book which to my mind shows the best of Rumpole himself is Rumpole and the Alternative Society Here Rumpole relives some of his life as RAF ground staff during the war and falls slightly in love with his client and her lifestyle This story has a poignant tinge to it which shows Rumpole in a reflective mood about life love and poetryThe second volume in this omnibus edition is The Trials of Rumpole and of the six stories it contains I think my favourite is Rumpole and the Showfolk which has a really good twist at the end though it does rather leave Rumpole feeling he stepped into a lift just after the lift has gone This case takes place in Grimble that dour northern town which is the setting for some of Rumpole s cases which are not set in and around London The third book in this volume Rumpole s Return is a novel which shows Rumpole trying to accustom himself to retirement in Florida with his son Nick and daughter in law Erica after ten disastrous defeats at the hands of Judge Bullingham He doesn t last very long and a letter from Phyllida Erskine Brown in his chambers soon draws him back to London and the Old Bailey and a murder trial But first he conducts an obscenity trial in Grimble and fails dismally The murder case itself reuires Rumpole s son to do some sleuthing in Florida which he carries out admirably well and provides the evidence Rumpole needs to help him win the case and frustrate a plan by Ken Cracknell the newest recruit to Rumpole s chambers After this success all plans for retirement are off the agendaThere is to me something intensely loveable in Horace Rumpole and his sometimes acrimonious relationship with She Who Must Be Obeyed AKA Hilda Rumpole He claims not to understand her when in fact they both understand each other very well apart from a few mutual misunderstandings They are admirably suited in fact Rumpole is always searching for justice especially when he believes his client innocent in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary He is a radical lawyer as Phyllida Erskine Brown describes him to someone who claims to be but isn t reallyThis volume is excellent value and provides many hours of reading for the Rumpole fan and for those coming fresh to the character

  • Paperback
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  • The First Rumpole Omnibus
  • John Mortimer
  • English
  • 28 June 2018
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About the Author: John Mortimer

John Clifford Mortimer was a novelist playwright and former practising barrister Among his many publications are several volumes of Rumpole stories and a trilogy of political novels Paradise Postponed Titmuss Regained and The Sound of Trumpets featuring Leslie Titmuss a character as brilliant as Rumpole John Mortimer received a knighthood for his services to the arts in 1998SeriesRumpole

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    I have been a fan of Horace Rumpole for many years and I re read the books on a regular basis Even when you know

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    A marvelously written collection of largely inconseuential stories Truly worthy of comparison to PG Wodehouse which is no small featThat said as a Rumpole first timer I probably shouldn't have gone with an omnibus I read its one longer story but only 7 of the 12 shorter ones It's not that they weren't good; they were just all basically the same If you don't mind the fact that nothing really happens over and over again this is your

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    This was absolutely glorious Just delightful As I always say murder is nothing than common assault with unfortunate conseue

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    I will finish this book I promiseBut it's on hold againThe good news is I've gone past halfwayThe bad news is that's all for now folk

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    My dad who passed away from Parkinson’s in 2004 was a Los Angeles area trial lawyer of sufficient note to have received a brief wri

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    This is my first encounter with Rumpole in print ok e ink so I thought I'd start at the beginning The first couple of stories in this volume wet my appetite but later tales really turn on the charm Reading Rumpole

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    Once you read one Rumpole story you're hooked Before I read any Rumpole at all I saw an episode of Rumpole of the Bailey on PBS starring Leo McKern as the man himself In later episodes his real life daughter portrayed Liz Probert The entire series was very true to the stories and I've reserved them all on NetflixGreat great readin

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    See the superb opening i guess rowling took her inspiration for Voldemort here I Horace Rumpole barrister at law 68 next birthday Old Bailey Hack husband to Mrs Hilda Rumpole known to me only as She Who Must Be Obeyed and father to Nicholas Rumpole lecturer in social studies at the University of Balti I have always been extremely

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    Whether you're a lawyer or not Rumpole is great Tremendously funny and irreverent too The barrister who never lost a case well he might have done but to know that for sure you'd have to read his stories something I would recommend

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    I'm a fan of the Rumpole of the Bailey TV series that was shown on public television as part of the murder mystery series Although not all of Rumpole's cases are murders he is especially interested in blood stains and he won the Penge Bungalow

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