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Oat Viking When the Viking fails to return and is feared lost a bottle is found with a note for Hulda and a lottery ticket nu. A very mundane and simple minded story drug down by excessive descriptions of people and places in Norway A man is lost at sea but his lottery ticket is sent in a bottle to his rather dim fianc Hulda Predictable plotting follows For Verne completists only

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Ticket no 9672

Mbered 9672 News of the tragedy spreads along with Hulda's possible riches from the lottery ticket whose drawing day grows ne. actually 3455

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Hulda Hansen awaits the return of her betrothed Ole Kamp who promised her great fortune after his voyage aboard the fishing b. A string of coincidences in this novel ruined the pleasure of reading it I was anyway indulgent with credibility for Jules Verne s novels but in this one there are a lot of events tied to the plot that are just visible from the outer space that it is a fabricated story As I like very much from the fiction novels I read to be at least a little bit plausible I oscillated a bit between 1 star and 2 star In the end it prevailed the fact that I enjoyed the accessible writing style and got a little bit fond of some of the characters

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    I totally love Jules Verne however this isn't one of the popular ones we're all accustomed to the adventures of sea and air Its a lovely little tale though but a bit predictable If however you are a Verne fan like

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    Frankly at the outset I might be guilty of setting very high expectations But after looking at the flights of imagination in 20000 leagues and others I had a lot of expectation from this thin book The book is a big disappointment to readers looking for thrilling drive of dreamsFor starters the story does not have a story I mean its a feeble plot which one can guess to start with There is no element of surprise or any t

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    A string of coincidences in this novel ruined the pleasure of reading it I was anyway indulgent with credibility for Jule

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    Verne certainly demonstrated his skill as an author by creating interest conflict and plot over so small a thing as a lottery ticket

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    A very mundane and si

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    classic Verne

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    Unremarkable Not a bad short read but I will probably not remember the plot or characters a year from now

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    actually 3455

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    Nice story it takes a while to get going but enjoyable none the less A must read for any Verne fan

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    One of the values of the book as in many of the Verne is the description of the geography where the plot is developedin this novel the Telemark region in Norway