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Introduced in Swingers we never really got than her calling card Margaret is a Dominatrix She is the master of all that happens around her at all times Her chambers are a playground for the things that aren’t talked about in proper circles but perhaps in hushed whis.

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The Red ueen Fantasies Fetishes and Flesh Book 3

Hourglass in red leather she never reveals her identity and that seems to heighten the fantasy How did she get here Every raindrop triggers a ring of influence and every influence a crown or crisis to bear How Margaret became is a long tale This is just the beginning.

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Pers Men and women alike who want the exuisite disparate ecstasy torture of riding the edge to submission come to her in droves hoping she would dominate them A BDSM master she is in demand by those who live the lifestyle though few know who she is behind her guise An.

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    AmazingWow this story was amazing You seldom read a book about how a person gets into the BDSM lifestyle but this one does and it was a book that will pull on your heartstrings You won't be able to put it down once you stop makes wa

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    A journey of growth and becoming who we want to be This is Maggie's story Full of emotional highs and lows Abyrne Mostyn elouently takes the reader through Maggie's story from her childhood the tragedies and items in a certain laund

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    This book had me enthralled from the beginning A look into the life of one of the characters we barely get a glimpse of in Swingers and The Dom's Diary This book takes you on a journey of how the Red ueen got to be the Red u