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For thousands of years But beware When humans forget their obligations to the Secret Folk and break the Laws of Hospitality even the friendliest Hobgoblin may turn tricksy Here find tellings of domestic Brownies Lobs Lie By The Fire Roman Lars Japanese Tsukumogami medieval Portunes playful pix.

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The Secret History of Hobgoblins

Ies orderly Tomten and the famous Robin Goodfellow as well as grimmer folk wandering Willow O The Wisps wrathful Red Caps and bold Boggarts Join the Order of the Golden uills as it presents the secret history and long lost lore of the Hobgoblins who dwell in that most mysterious of all lands ho.

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Professor Ari Berk returns to reveal another trove of magical history to his avid readers the history of the humble hobgoblin Every house holds a mystery Behind the door beside the stove under the stairs along the roads Hobgoblins have been the helpful housemates neighbors and friends of humans.