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K pads of soft writing paperWhen Mr Fakhri with a keen instinct for a budding romance introduces Roya to his other favorite customer handsome Bahman who has a burning passion for justice and a love for Rumi’s poetry she loses her heart at once As their romance blossoms the modest little stationery shop remains their favorite place in all of TehranA few short months later on the eve of their marriage Roya agrees to meet Bahman at the town suare but suddenly violence erupts a result of the coup d’etat that forever changes their country’s. A nice enough tale about a lost romance but I was not able to see why so many people have raved about it Maybe because I am not romantic enough to seriously believe two people could carry a torch for each other for fifty years A few nostalgic thoughts maybe but not enduring love And I felt sorry for Walter having to put on a brave face while his much loved wife indulged in a teenager fantasyNot knocking the whole book though There were lovely parts about food and really interesting bits about history There was just too much about romance for my taste That s just me though obviously since the ratings are through the roof

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The Stationery Shop

Future In the chaos Bahman never shows For weeks Roya tries desperately to contact him but her efforts are fruitless With a sorrowful heart she resigns herself to never seeing him againUntil than 60 years later an accident of fate leads her back to Bahman and offers her a chance to ask him the uestions that have haunted her for than half a century Why did he leave Where did he go How was he able to forget herThe Stationery Shop is a beautiful and timely exploration of devastating loss unbreakable family bonds and the overwhelming power of lov. review to follow This is a good book but I would classify it as historical romance there is little history in this book

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9 hours 13 minutes From the award winning author of Together Tea a debut novel hailed as “compassionate funny and wise” by Jill Davis best selling author of Girls’ Poker Night comes a powerful love story exploring loss reconciliation and the uirks of fate Roya is a dreamy idealistic teenager living in 1953 Tehran who amid the political upheaval of the time finds a literary oasis in kindly Mr Fakhri’s neighborhood book and stationery shop She always feels safe in his dusty store overflowing with fountain pens shiny ink bottles and thic. Look at love How it tangles With the one fallen in love Look at spirit How if fuses with earth Giving it new life Five lyrical heart wrenchingrippingbreaking into pieces soul shaking perception changing revolutionary magical eternal love starsThe list of the things you need urgently after you finish this book are Rolls of toilet papers napkins paper towels anything helping you out to clean the nasty evidence of your ugly cries Fresh air So you can howl at the moon like a wolf for getting rid of bottled up emotions anger frustration Punch bags and gloves Some of the characters on this book will piss you off so much as you remember their name She Who Must Not Be Named use the punch bags instead of your lovely house walls or glasses A good comedy movie or TV series to binge watch Because you re gotta remember there are still funny things in life Eat pasta chocolate to rise up your blue mood Stay away from Zanax or any other prescribed pills hard liuors which could deepen your depression Try smoothies ice cream or softer drinks Good make up products to hide your puffy red eyes This story was started in Tehran a stationary shop it s a place where its owner Mr Fakhri helps the young people for their political awakening and fight for reformist changing of their country but it is also the safe place of book lovers who want to devour the words and broaden their intellectual minds Young Roya book worm 17 comes to the stationary shop to find herself her own words and meets Bahman Aslan Aslan means lion Bahram is mostly brave passionate character just like his last name As soon as they met they understood that their life would never be the same They fell in love when they were 17 They got engaged and against Bahman s mother s rejection who were suffering from psychological problems they planned to get marry at the summer as the political turbulence commotion danger of upcoming coup rising like Damocles sword over their heads But one day Bahman and his family disappear and Roya can only communicate with him by the letters hidden inside the books with the help of Mr Fakhri Finally young lovers decide to get marry and meet at the suare to go to the mayor s office with their documents Roya waits for Bahman witnesses Mr Fakhri s dying because of a political commotion at the suare And then she gets a letter from Bahman that says he wants to break up with her Devastated Roya decides to go to the US for college education and fresh start for her broken heart with her sister So this is 60 year old story of two lovers who have broken up tried to gather their pieces of their broken hearts gone to their separate ways to move on their lives and finally they got back together after 60 years to have their closure But you know that lovers don t finally meet somewhere They re in each other all along As like Bahman ans Roya I cried so much I hurt so much I cursed so much This is a poignant emotional life changing and heavy story to absorb digest properly about passion ideals dreams sisterhood traumas betrayal abortion loss devotion trust friendship psychological issues I still feel lumps on my throat Especially final pages are so hard to continue But it s totally worth it Because this is an incredible journey about faith love beautiful Rumi poemsI enjoyed every second of itI m so lucky that I received this amazing complimentary ARC from the publisher courtesy of NetGalley in exchange of my honest review I think it s safe to say I loved this book so much and again thanks to NetGalley to help me meet this gifted writerbloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Look at love How it tangles With the one fallen in love Look at spirit How if fuses with earth Giving it new life Five ly

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    LONGBUT NO MAJOR SPOILERSThere is much to like about “The Stationary Shop” where we are taken back to the year 1953 when Mossadegh was the Prime Minister in Iran during political devastating havoc Many people in Iran loved Mossadegh They believed he was their democratic leader who had the courage to stand up to foreign powers wanting their oil Mossadegh was ‘hope’ for the many people in Iran who beli

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    I love these middle eastern stories Fascinated by their traditions charmed by some; repulsed by others This one is a refl

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    5 starsMy goodness Another beautiful and enthralling read in a year full of them for me I am going to be brief as the less said the better for potential readers of this wonderful novelThe Stationery Shop the perfect title for this story is set in two timelines—1953 and 2013 I would estimate however that 90% of the story takes place in 19

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    Oh my goodness This book ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Roya lives in Tehran in the 1950s She’s a teen brimming with idealism at a time when it could be dangerous with the political upset in Iran Roya finds peace in Mr Fakhri’s book and stationery shop Can you even believe? This made this paper and book love over the moon with happine

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    A nice enough tale about a lost romance but I was not able to see why so many people have raved about it Maybe because I am not romantic enough

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    review to follow This is a good book but I would classify it as historical romance there is little history in this book

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    Sad but lovely This is the kind of book you will enjoy reading indoors with a glass of wine or a mug of tea Because tissues are involvedThis book left me sobbing as it ended There's too many times where you would want to hug each of these characters and tell them everything was going to be okay when it actually wasn't The book is written so beautifully and amazingly I just couldn't put the book down The book is unpredictable yet

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    Book 6 completed for #RamadanReadathon author please let me know where i can send the bills for the therapy that i now needi get this deep ache in my chest every time i think about this book the profound emotions of timeless love and loss and grief and missed chances and forgiveness punched me in the throat and i'm still not over it omg can someone make it STOP HURTINGthe Stationery Shop is the story of a teenage girl in tehran

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    A high 4 starsThe Stationary Shop was an unexpected treat This novel is partly set in Iran in the 1950s and partl

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