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Le by Interpol for smuggling cocaine tearing through gangland warfare with rival crooks and carrying out daring jewelry thefts as far afield as Hong Kong Taiwan and South Korea This shocking searingly honest new work from the inner core of the Inter City Jibbers tells of four attempted jailbreaks describes members of the ICJ’s experien.

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The Undesirables

Ces in numerous hellish overseas jails including the gang rape of one WAF member in a Pakistani prison from a brutal Washington DC county lock up to a Yakuza filled Japanese jail as well as run ins with gun wielding foreign thugs Above all this is a chronicle of 25 years of life as an Undesirable stealing anything that wasn’t nailed dow.

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Where United went the Inter City Jibbers followed and mayhem was never far behindThe Inter City Jibbers ICJ were the most notorious Manchester United hooligan crew of the last 30 years and Colin Beaner Blaney was up to his neck in the thick of it His years as an ICJ and Wide Awake Firm WAF foot soldier saw him blacklisted as an Undesirab.

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    Not what I was expecting I wanted to read a book about football hooliganism not about one man's gloating about being a thief Pretty dull all in all

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