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A Classic Includes Active Table of Contents Includes Religious IllustrationsThere is no doubt that the martyrs are indebted for their crown to the power of the grace which they received from Jesus Christ; for he it is that gave them the strength to despise all the promises and all the threats of tyrants.

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Victories of the Martyrs The Ascetical Works #9

Led them to obtain their victory Innovators have blasphemed against this truth saving that all the crimes of the wicked and all the good works of the just are the offspring of necessity; but the same St Augustine gives them the lie when he says that in this case no reward or punishment would be justAeterna Pre.

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And to endure all the torments till they had made an entire sacrifice of their lives So that all their merits as St Augustine writes were the effects of the grace that God in his mercy imparted to them But it is also certain and even of faith that on their part the martyrs co operated with the grace which enab.