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War on Innocence

Washington DC based Detective Andrew Johnson known as “AJ” is used to following up on threats on the life of the US President but his mind goes into top gear when he learns about Nigerian Stephen Yobo and his 9 Gang members who are kidnapping young ladies in the Generation Z age group Yobo is the master of disguise and knows about bombs and bank robberies than most He is prepared to stop at nothing as far as m.

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World’s offerings are not always as innocent and simple as they seemDon’t miss the follow up all action Book 2 in the series – written ‘on the verge of reality’ with slightly modified actual true accounts Pretoria and Johannesburg form the hub of human trafficking in South Africa and even Stephen Yobo learns a few new tricks as he links up with the men who control the lucrative prostitution and drug trad.

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Aking the US French and South African governments pay for voting to imprison five of the 9 Gang members after a botched robbery at a bank in Switzerland It’s left to Detective AJ with a little help from a few brave GenZ teens that he meets along the way to differentiate between the good and the bad guys War on Innocence takes readers down a fast moving action packed mystery avenue that warns youngsters that the.

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