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BoingBoing Randall Munroe is a national treasure Phil Plait For scientists the price of progress is specialization When the goal of any researcher is to lay claim to a tiny niche in a crowded discipline its hard for laypeople to find answers to the really important interdisciplinary uestions uestions like Is it possible to build a jetpack using downward firing machine guns Fortunately such people can turn to Randall Munroe the author of the XKCD comic strip loved by fans of internet culture For Munroe who writes with a clarity and wit honed over eight years of writing captions for his webcomic the fact that a uestion might be impossible to solve is no deterrent to pursuing it Wall Street Journal Speakeasy blog By speaking the language of geeks while dealing with relationships and the meaning of a computer centric life xkcd has become reuired reading for techies across the worldThe Internet has also created a bond between Mr Munroe and his readers that is.

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What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

AnBest Book of the Month September What if everyone on earth aimed a laser pointer at the moon at the same time What if you could drain all the water from the oceans What if all the lightning in the world struck the same place What if there were a book that considered weird sometimes ridiculous uestions and it was so compelling that you found yourself skimming its pages to find out what would happen if you threw a baseball at light speed With What If Randall Munroe has written such a book As he does in his extraordinarily popular xkcd webcomic Munroe applies reason and research to hypothetical conundrums ranging from the philosophical to the scientific often absurd but never pseudo that probably seemed awesome in your elementary school daysbut were never sufficiently answered Its the rare combination of edifying and fun Jon ForoWhat If is one of my Internet must reads and I look forward to each new installment and always read it with delight Cory Doctorow.

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Exceptional They reenact in real life the odd ideas he puts forward in his strip The New York Times With his steady regimen of math jokes physics jokes and antisocial optimism xkcd creator Randall Munroe a former NASA roboticist scores traffic numbers in NBC or Oprah territory One key to the strips success may be that it doesnt just comment on nerd culture it embodies nerd culture Wired in an issue featuring the people who have shaped the planets past years Sometimes the beloved geek chic webcomic xkcd is funny in a broadly accessible way Sometimes its achingly poignant sometimes its socially intelligent and sometimes its esoteric humor that programmers or scientists have to explain to the rest of us But at its most ambitious it either packs massive amounts of interesting information into a small space or engages in breathtaking experiments with the medium A t its best xkcd isnt a strip comic so much as an idea factory and a shared experience Onion AV Cl.